I received my YSL Touche Éclat Blur Primer sample from Sephora.



PRICE: 52$

DESCRIPTION: “The first radiance boosting foundation primer that combines the light of Touche Éclat and the perfecting effect of blur. Formulated with 4 nourishing oils, skin is left incredibly soft without greasy residue. Immediately the look of skin is improved: pores look diminished, skin texture feels smoother, skin tone looks more even and luminous. Free of dulling opaque fillers, the transparent texture is available in one universal shade with subtle sparkles of golden light for maximum luminosity. Suitable for all skin tones, including sensitive. Non-Comedogenic.”

WHAT IS: An illuminating silicony feel base primer that blurs imperfections and boosts the radiance of foundation.

SHADE: Clear with gold with tiny tiny flecks of glitter

APPLICATION: My sample bottle comes with a spatula attached to the cap but that’s only for taking it out of the bottle. I used my fingers,gently,to prep my skin before foundation application,or you can use a foundation brush.I believe full size bottle has a pump,with is more hygienic.

SCENT: light pleasant scent,smells clean and refreshing

WHAT IT DOES: Minimizes pores,smoothes texture and evens out skin tone.The tiny glitter specks gives it a little shimmer,but barely noticeable

OVERALL: this is so lightweight,I didn’t even felt it on my skin.Blurs out well,and the shimmer didn’t bother me at all,not even if i used it during day time.

I have combination skin tone,so I checked to see how it worked over time,and after 3 hours or so,i did get oily in the center of my face,but that’s nothing unusual for me.

I would recommend it to dry to normal skin tones,because it adds the extra moisture to the skin.

I know a lot of people hate the glitter/shimmer in it but I think will be perfect to use it during cold season/holidays to make myself blur and glow like a true goddess.

After using this sample,would I run to the store and buy it? Probably not! but i’m still grateful to dose in this YSL primer.

Until who knows what’s next,Laura

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  1. Is there any real benefit to the gold flecks other than providing a shimmer? Just curios. Great review!

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    1. Laura Bruj says:

      Nah,just tiny little sparkles here and there,they ain’t made of gold 😂

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