Lavender oil is a well known anti-septic and has anti-inflammatory properties,reduces anxiety and depression, and is a natural stress relief.

I really love the scent of Lavender,especially this time of season,when rainy weather affects my mood,and even that I have an extra coffee,I still believe Lavender scent helps uplifting my mood.


Let me show you the current products I have infused with Lavender that I currently use or plan to use right away.(top left to right)


Homemade Du Jour Argan Oil w/lavender,Calming Bath Salts,Lemon Lavender Sugar Scrub

Little Blonde Believer lavender bath salts

Deep Steep 100% pure lavender essential oil

ArtNaturals bath bombs zen,cozy night

Aja Naturals lavender rose silk luxurious body cream

Jurlique activating water essence

Aria Apothecary anti-aging lavender face serum

GandgOrganics organic dry shampoo lavender&bergamot

Ayelet Naturals calming face toner and cleanser in lavender&chamomile

Box Naturals multi-use towelette lavender

Celestial Organics chamomile&lavender


I won’t let the rainy days beat me!





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