Hello October🍁

October is the month of falling leafs,pumpkin spiced lattes and cinnamon everyhting.I love especially the cool nights and early foggy mornings.It’s definitely one of my favorite seasons. Except the rainy days.But that just makes me get cozy by the tv,watching more Netflix.

So far,we’ve had unexpected warm days, and not much rain, or I should just say, none.

That made me buy my first pair of mule shoes, very trendy at the moment, and I’ve found a very affordable and comfortable one, by Com+Sens at DSW.com,made of Certified eco-friendly supple leather that comes from an environmentally-conscious tannery,certified by the Leather Working Grou,plus partially-recycled materials and water-based adhesives, to help to reduce carbon footprint! Non-toxic footwear,yay!



But my fashion sense didn’t stopped just there, and I grabbed from my closet a pair of jeans I didn’t seem to wear much in the past year, and I gave it a trim, just to reach my ankles.


Incorporating trends shouldn’t make you buy clothes on impulses I just search the most trendy color clothes in my closet, and just mix and match, with what I already have.

Incorporating red,anything,from shoes to jewelry and makeup, warm browns,and blues.


Because weather was so amazing, we went to GOEBBERT FARM,a family owned business, where kids can pet farm animals, camels,lamas,and more.They also have their own Farmers Market and a whole lot else.You can easily spend 3 hours there.



How you guys are spending your autumn days?


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  1. Happy October and cool photos.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Laura Bruj says:

      Happy October to you too and thank you 🍁


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