Supercharged Energy Balls

So I’ve been using this year a lot of these easy, one bite energy balls, since my mornings are hectic and I don’t have much time to eat, before I hit he gym in the morning.

After reading many recipes,I challenged myself to make it as simple as possible, paleo friendly, gluten free, vegan,high in protein.


I always kinda eye the ingredients, sometimes add more of one if I’m missing anything, but most of the time I use the same ingredients, based on seeds, nuts and dates.

2 TB sunflower seeds

2 TB pumpkin seeds

2 TB chia seeds

2 TB goji berries

2 TB hemp seeds

4 TB DOPE Velocity Blend

10 oz dates for baking

I simply just mix everything together, and if is to hard to work with,I just add a little water. Some people also add coconut oiler some type of oil, but I just like mine as simple as possible. Then just simply make balls with my hands, as small or big as I want, and thats all! Sometimes I add walnuts or almonds, whatever I have in my house.


I usually grab 1 or 2 energy balls in the morning, and pack a couple to munch after my workout at the gyms,as a recovery.

Because I added Velocity Blend by DOPE Naturally,which is a mix of Better,Cacao,Baobab and Mangosteen,it’s naturally caffeinated, so it’s also stimulating, especially before a workout,so you can increase how much you’d like to add, for the effects to kick in.

But yeah, not big on recipes, but on fast and easy foods.

So let me know if you ever tried any energy balls, or just simply comment your thoughts on this recipe in the comments down below.

You can find more great recipes & product reviews from our friends at the Village Bakery



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