Evol Concept Mica Powder Set

So I finally had enough courage to dive and start making some DIY’s,but I realized everything looks better in color, so I needed a natural way to achieve that, and after a little research, I discovered Mica Powders are the way to go.

With a wide range of colors, Mica Powders are safe to use in makeup and other beauty DIY,from bath bombs to body lava( highlighting powders/oils).

ON SALE for $13.99, this EVOL CONCEPT Mica powder set, is amazing to DIY makeup and beauty products, and I’m a newbie to this, but I can’t wait to attempt few DIY’s.


Now I definitely will attempt to create my first eyeshadow, and these powders can be used as they are, mixed and matched to create your own colors, or with a base (I will post my first attempt soon). After eyeshadows, other makeup projects will follow.

Next, I’m thinking with Christmas right around the corner, to create either bath salts or bath bombs, which makes great gifts, and are so much fun.

If anybody would like to share their best DIY recipes, please do so, since I’m a newbie in this area.


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