I definitely need more makeup products,and no,’m not just a skincare freak,I also love makeup, but about two years ago I decided to go on a no buy journey,so mostl of my makeup products are from either collaborations or giveaways.

Now,here is what I’ve won in a recent giveaway, since I wanted to try some Axiology products,a CBD facial oil, organic hair ties, and an organic eyeliner.I think CBD oils are fairly new on the market, and I wanted to experiment with one to see if my skin actually likes it

Shop the products:
Organic HairTies
AntonyM Noir
CBD Beauty Oil
Axiology Keen
Axiology Fundamental




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  1. allyaldridge says:

    I’m a high fan on Axicology. I hope you love them too xxx

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    1. Laura Bruj says:

      Oh I just discovered it

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  2. I look forward to your review of the Indigo Rose Glow Elixir!

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    1. Laura Bruj says:

      Coming soon

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