To be honest with you, not to long ago, I’ve started learning more about essential oils and their many benefits when used right. 
Essential Oils they should always be used diluted in a base and there are few basic ones that I recommend to any newbies to try it first, by needs, and they are:

LAVENDER EO great to help relax and destress, help skin irritations and burns, helps skin complexion, improve depression signs and promote a restful sleep

TEE TREE EO great to tone and balance skin,soothe irritated skin, balance oily hair, release tension, fights bacteria, acne and body odor and works well as an insect repellent.

PEPPERMINT EO is a natural vapor rub, helps heal itchy skin, soothes tired feet, awakens mood, fights headaches and improves focus.

For today’s giveaway 1 winner will get the 3 basic blends and a MUSCLE EASE EO BLEND (wintergreen,eucalyptus,peppermint,ginger,black pepper,turmeric and nutmeg EO) great for relaxing muscles and tensed bodies.

Enter the giveaway below:

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