This year the Spring had a really late start, and in the middle of April we had the last snow, of many.

And because the weather has been acting out, so was my skin. From being really dry in the Winter, usually my skin goes to normal in the Summer,so during Spring,I get a transition adjustment period.

Since about 2 years ago,I also get very bothered by Spring pollen that give me a for of allergies, and they usually affect my eye area, making my eyes very swollen and the skin surrounding super dry, even more dry than during the winter.

That being said, let me list the products I’m currently using to help my skin thrive this Spring:

This Facial CLEANSER by Pangea Organics is a moisturizing gel/cream like that it needs to gently be massaged on face and be removed with water, without harshly scrub the skins all the nutrients will remain in the skin,giving the skin a well moisturized feel. Then I follow with a TONER, that doesn’t dry my skin, but it closes the pores and help skin regenerate, and this L’uvalla Orange Toner also has aromatherapeutic benefits, and smells like oranges’ scent very energizing and great for the morning routine.


There are couple of SCRUBS I use about once or twice a week, depending of my skin codition.If my skin is acting more normal and it’s just dull,I use Tatcha Polished, a rice scrub, very gentle but effective, and if my skin is more on the dry side,I use Hollybeth Organics Grits & Honey Scrub, a very healing and moisturizing scrub.



Ading a SERUM after 30 years old it helps the skin being more elastic, so I’m currently using L’uvalla Argan Oil Serum,a highly moisturizing organ oil based anti-aging serum, with aromatherapeutic calming benefits.I also use my new tool,a Rose Quartz Roller,to help with lymphatic drainage and also stimulate skin.


Choosing the right MOISTURIZER it’s chosen by how my skin is acting that day. If my skin feels normal,I like to use Pangea Organics Facial CreamΒ very lightweight moisturizer or Iremia Skincare Protective Cream,that is a little more rich, but doesn’t feel greasy or heavy on the skin. When my skin feels really dry, I often use a facial oil, and Iremia Skincare Restorative Facial Oil is very rich and also has a very addictive aromatic scent. When nothing seem to be effective and my skin is dry like a desert,I reach for Farm to Skin Daily Facial Balm,that protects and keeps the skin well moisturized thru the day.


I didn’t enjoyed to many days in the sun yet, except one, when I got a sunburn,lol,so definitely using SUN PROTECTION is recommended, and I like to use Scentual Alchemy Sunny Side Up Face Protecting Serum,an oils based protecting oil.


As I mentioned, my eyes are affected by first flowers blooming, so I need some effective moisturizers. I really like Crunchy Mama Bear Tired As A Mother to daily moisturize with the depuffing benefits of organic coffee, and this moisturizer is very lightweight but well moisturizing.I also love Good Medicine Starry Eyes,a warming lightweight moisturizer,that also helps depuff and rejuvenate.When these moisturizers don’t work,I add Jeffrey James The Eye Gel cold, and this is the firstly eye gel moisturizer that I’ve tried and I also loved,that is also packed with Hyaluronic Acid & Cucumber, well know to keep eye skin well moisturized. Occasionally I use 100%pure Bright Eyes mask, and they are super packed with aloe, green tea, coffee,yerba mate, cucumber and hyaluronic acid, all well know to help reduce puffiness and stimulate the eye skin to regenerate.


Because my morning routine might sound complicated, the evening routine might sound more simple πŸ˜‰

I finally found my “holy grail” CLEANSER/MAKEUP REMOVER,and totally affordable.Elements of Aliel Love Cleanser is made with African black soap and everytime I use it, my skin feels like I had a facial.I’m totally obsessed with it! Following with Pangea Organics Facial Toner,a anti-inflammatory toner, to help restore tired skin.The CREAM that also help fights breakouts I use, is Sibu Rejuvenating Night Cream,a very toning non-greasy moisturizer.If my skin acts on the dry side,I use AthanaSia Liquid Gold Elixir,a potent natural wrinkle OIL that comes in a roll on portable bottle, and it can also be used around eye area. When my skin is super dry,I go for Farm to Skin Overnight Facial Balm,that is very right in plant oil and helps my skin balance.


If I notice any BREAKOUTS,I use Juice Beauty Green Apple Peel Blemish Clearing,a gel type of product, that help heal breakouts fast.


I always use a LIP BALM before going to bed, and I love this Plant Makeup Unicorn Balm, that I can also dab on my cheeks during the day, when I like to highlight my cheeks.



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