…and that’s 24% body fat.

2 years ago I re-joined a gym after about a 6 year off “maternity leave” period, but I never really stopped exercising.

I remember doing P90X at home,swimming,walking miles and more.I always been an active person, and I can’t live without exercising.It’s what keeps me sane, and going.

24% fat is exactly where I’ve been 2 years ago, and no, that didn’t changed, but I definitely gained some muscles,toned up and have conditioned.


My personal goal this year is to maintain same fitness level, and loose 5 pounds.Why 5 pounds? Because I want those abs to peek thru by summer, just a little more.5 pounds will still keep me at a normal weight for my height, but just leveling down a little bit, since now I’m a little high on that normal scale.Oh yeah, theres a low and a high just between 5 to 10 pounds, and that a huge impact on the body.

Now,no matter on your body shape or fitness level,I encourage you to try new things, because stressing the body and the muscles, is what actually make it progress.This week I’ve tried cycling for the first time, and even though wasn’t my favorite, it was a great workout.Just keep an open mind when you try something new, and don’t give up!

Nutrition is another very important subject to think about when you want a change, and small food switches can make a big impact. Never quit eating, just find substitutes,such as sweet potato instead of white potato, quinoa instead of rice, chia instead of cereal, and so on.Last year I also try to find more vegan protein sources, since I believe we over eat animal products.Always choose organic fresh foods, over processed, and DIY as much as possible, since you know what’s in your food.


I DIY my first VEGAN PROTEIN/ADAPTOGEN/SUPER FOOD from ingredients I already had in the house, because buying protein powders is expensive, and is also processed.



Quinoa Protein Powder


*Vital Proteins Collagen Peptide(this is not a vegan products)

Maca Powder

Goji Berries


Velocity Blend

I measured everything and I mixed 8 servings of each ingredient, then I did the math and see how many grams I have to measure for each smoothie.(watch the video here)

8 servings       85g       318cal     31.6gProtein

16 servings     42.5g    159 cal    15.8g Protein

So I’ve been using the 15.8gProtein/serving right after gym, and after 1 or 2 hours I have a meal, and it’s been great.


Setting up goals is key, and always make small goals, achievable and able to maintain.

Healthy mind, in a healthy body,


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