RED APPLE LIPSTICK is a non-toxic makeup company from USA that uses only VEGAN ingredients, GMO FREE, GLUTEN FREE, LEAD FREE and FRAGRANCE FREE plus they are Leaping Bunny Certified.

*The products I will review were gifted to me by Red Apple Lipstick, but my review is not impacted by that in any shape or form.


Red Apple Lipsticks has probably the largest range in shades of lipsticks I ever came across in Non-Toxic Beauty world, and basically they are unique because they are the only ones I came across so far that has ALLERGEN FREE LIPSTICKS (including NUT FREE) especially amazing for people with various sensitivities. The price is not to high for a non-toxic lipstick, and they definitely work the same as other conventional lipsticks, but without the chemicals.

The lipsticks formula varies from SILKY, INSTANT COLOR, ORIGINAL, SATIN, SUMMER and X-SERIES.

I swatched 38 out of 43 lipsticks by color family to show you the difference between formula and shades.

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Now I only tried two of them TUTU Cute and VIOLET FEMME and because they are made without any oils in them they feel very chalky and dry. I can see someone with oily skin, and especially oily eyelids, probably love these more then me right now.

The pigmentation is not bam in your face, but you can pack the colors up little by little, or even apply them wet for a more intense effect. Both shadows had a matte effect, even though Violet Femme has some shimmer when you look at the pan.

To be honest they were not my favorite when I compared them with other eyeshadows that I own so far, but I’ll probably try to reach them more, during the summertime, when my skin tents to act more normal.

On February 1st 2021 Red Apple Lipstick launched their NEW Matte Eyeshadows and a NEW Crease & Blend Brush B5.

Unlike the previous eyeshadows that I’ve tried, these new matte eyeshadows are very soft, buttery, pigmented and AMAZING! They definitely blew me away how great they perform. The only con I discovered, is that they look a little bit darker on the skin that they look in the pan, so that might be a little hard to pick the right shades.

Watch My Youtube first impressions video below

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