Now in its 7th year, the CertClean CLEAN BEAUTY AWARDS celebrates the best performing products — products made without harmful ingredients. Hosted by CertClean and supported by an eminent panel of judges (like me), the Awards is a global movement to recognize the clean beauty products that deliver results.

This year I review products in perfume, face serums, lip care and eye color categories, and I will all review them separately.

Here come the entries for CertClean Beauty Awards in the PERFUME Category:

BUCK NAKED SOAP COMPANY Lemon + Lavender Crystal Infused Perfume Oil $68

Spring brings out some of nature’s best. Among the best are Lemon and Lavender. Soft and sweet – yet with a little zest – this Crystal Infused Perfume Oil makes for a beautiful and delicate scent while offering all the aromatherapeutic benefits of relaxation, clarity and renew your spirits. Our essential oil based perfume oil is infused with, and perfectly complemented by our individually artisan crafted green fluorite for pure mental focus, mental ability and growth.

The innovative crystal points are not only zero waste, they also double as a Gua Sha tool for improved circulation and lymphatic drainage. They are also an amazing meditative tool to focus your energy and centre yourself.

For all the crystals lovers out there, finally a perfume crystal container that is so elegant and powerful. I’m a big crystal person and I had a huge attraction to the bottle at first sight. The perfume is really beautiful, very energizing and uplifting, with a hint of laid back and cool.

Notes: Lemon & Lavender

VALEUR ABSOLUE Valeur Absolue Harmonie Essentielle $92

Contains semi-precious amethyst stones for their beauty and calming energy. On my skin it smells like you would run on a summer day in a garden full of flowers.Delicate and elegant, this perfume is definitely well done, with many layers in it that keep evolve the longer you wear it.

Notes:Neroli, Bergamot, & Vanilla

WILD COAST PERFUMERY Tobermory eau de perfume CAD 98

Handmade and bottled on Vancouver Island, this perfume contain a blend of over 20 essential oils. This scent is taking me on a rainy day for a walk in a forest. Uplifting, energetic but also elegant. It’s an amazing everyday scent for a very chic lady who might use it going to the yoga class, but also at work.

Notes: Grapefruit, cucumber, jasmine tea, bergamot, basil, gardenia, neroli, spruce, fir & ambrette. Fresh, green and floral.

VÁHY Neon Neroli AUD 240

This nostalgic scent will transport you to the warmth and vibrancy of an Italian summer. Inspired by La Fontelina and seaside lounging in Capri, Neon Neroli captures the crisp, fresh notes of neroli, orange flower and bergamot, complemented by white floral undertones. 

This perfume has so many beautiful layers in it and it smells really good on my skin. Definitely a luxurious eccentric experience.

TOP              Neroli, Bergamot, Orange

MIDDLE       Orange Flower, Ylang Ylang (Madagascar), Petitgrain

BASE            Vetiver, Vanilla, Floral  


Small batch, handcrafted organic perfume to add that extra something special to your day! Made with only four ingredients and scented with essential oils, this perfume lasts longer, hydrates skin, and is easy to take on the go.

The scent is really calming and beautiful, not to lavenderish or jasminy. I really like the tiny tube because I can carry it with me everywhere. I just need to be careful not to forget it in my purse on a hot summer day, because it might melt.

Notes: Lavender + Jasmine

Let me know if you have any questions about any of these products, and also check out the other 3 categories I’ve judged this year: Lip Care, Eye Color & Face Serum.


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