Now in its 7th year, the CertClean Clean Beauty Awards celebrates the best performing products — products made without harmful ingredients. Hosted by CertClean and supported by an eminent panel of judges (like me), the Awards is a global movement to recognize the clean beauty products that deliver results.

This year I review products in perfume, face serums, lip care and eye color categories, and I will all review them separately.

Here come the entries for CertClean Beauty Awards in the FACE SERUM Category:

DrLOUIE Dark Spot Serum $114.99

A very gentle serum, no sticky, and even though it has a brownish orange color to it, it doesn’t leave a trace behind. I didn’t felt any tingling or any sensitivity so I can continue using it daily to help reduce and prevent future age spots.

Comes in a glass bottle with a dropper.

NUEZ ACRES Pecan Repair Serum $27.99

What an amazing anti-aging serum! Even though is an oil, this is acting like a dry oil so it gets instantly absorbed into the skin without leaving a trace. I must say I’m impressed!

Comes in a glass bottle with a dropper.

ZORAH COSMETIQUES Bioretinol – Anti-aging night complex 108.00$ CAD

With a milky consistency, this serum is very hydrating and healing, packed with Bakuchiol a natural retinol alternative that wont make your sin sensitive to sunburns, I must say it does work wonders. It’s also anti-aging and I didn’t necessarily needed to apply a moisturizer on top of it since is so hydrating and nourishing.

Comes in a plastic container with a dispensing pump.

FUELING YOUR DREAMS Revive me Raspberry $42

An oil serum packed with organic raspberry oil( sun protective), vitamin E and Bakuchiol (a retinol alternative), this serum is hydrating, healing and protective. Slight nutty scent, this serum leaves the skin supple, well nourished and hydrated.

Comes in a glass bottle with a dropper.

CHORUS SUPERNATURAL Quench-Marine Phytoplankton Serum $33.90 CAD

Containing hydrating hyaluronic acid and an astounding 25% marine phytoplankton extract ( contains significant levels of Vitamin C as well- an important factor in anti-aging, plus a multitude of vital skin minerals , including magnesium, zinc, calcium and potassium. ) It’s very hydrating and calming and it doesn’t leave a greasy trace.

Comes in a plastic container with a dispensing pump.

PEVONIA NATURAL SKINCARE “C” Complexe with Oxyzomes $122.00

A very unique serum that is repairing the skin and heal, great for fine lines and skin discoloration from sun damage. The serum is hydrating but not greasy.

Comes in a glass bottle with a dispensing pump.

ELEMENT APOTHEC Belle Visage | Face Serum $89.99

A serum oil, this orange colored oil serum is anti-aging, hydrating, healing, nourishing, acts like SPF and is great to prevent future skin damage. It has a bunch of my favorite oil ingredients plus more, so it definitely impressed me. When applied on the skin, the oil gets absorbed in the skin, leaving the skin velvety and smooth, without a greasy trace.

Comes in a glass bottle with a dropper.

Let me know if you have any questions about any of these products, and also check out the other 3 categories I’ve judged this year: Perfume, Eye Color & Lip Care.


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