All the H&M Conscious Beauty is Organic and certified by Ecocert Greenlife

Some of  the ingredients made with,are really simple,easy to read and recognize,some natural origin,some organic,as specified on each product.Some have Fragrance(perfume) and are not specified to be organic/ natural.

They are super affordable,I even purchased mine with a 20% online coupon.I ordered everything online,since my closest H&M store,doesn’t cary the Conscious Beauty Line.

Now let me tell you a little bit about all the products:

BODY WASH 8.4oz-250ml 6.99$

Ingredients:Water,Sodium Coco-sulfate,Cocamidopropyl Betaine,Coco-glucoside,Benzyl Alcohol,Citric Acid,Sodium Chloride,Fragrance,Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice Powder,Potassium Sorbate,Sodium Laurel Glucose Carboxylate,Sucrose Laureate,Lauryl Glucoside,Sodium Phytate,Dehydroacetic Acid,Alcohol Denat,Tocopherol,Limonene,Sorbic Acid,(Linalool,Citral)


Clear color,leathers well,not over-scented,so the scent won’t linger that much,but they get the job done.They come in RELAXING,which is very calming,light oriental and VITALIZING which is zesty lemony,fresh.

BODY LOTION 8.4oz-250ml 12.99$

Ingredients: Water,Cetearyl Alcohol,Coconut Alkanes,Glycerin,Glycerin Stearate,Shea Butter,Cacao Seed Butter,Sweet Almond Oil,Grape seed Oil,Benzyl Alcohol,Corn Starch,Sodium Stearoyl Glutamate,Fragrance,Coco-caprylate/Caprate,Aloe Leaf juice Powder,Xanthan Gum,Sodium Phytate,Salicylic Acid,Citric Acid,Sorbic Acid,Limonene,Citral,Linalool(Geraniol,Citronellol)


White colored.I was pleased using this lotion.Is very fast absorbed into the skin.They are not over perfumed.They come again in RELAXING which is oriental,and  VITALIZING which is  lemony.

BODY CREAM 8.4oz-250ml 12.99$

Ingredients: Water,Cetearyl Alcohol,Coconut Alkanes,Glycerin,Glycerin Stearate,Shea Butter,Cacao Seed Butter,Sweet Almond Oil,Jojoba Seed Oil,Benzyl Alcohol,Corn Starch,Sodium Sterol Glutamate,Fragrance,Aloe Leaf Juice powder,Xanthan Gum,Sodium Phytate,Salicylic Acid,Citric Acid,Dehydroacetic Acid,Limonene,Citral,Linalool,Geraniol,Citronellol,Tocopherol.img_20160512_220450.jpg

So it seemed to me the body cream looks a lot like the body lotion,and they work the same.The body cream has extra Jojoba Oil,so that might make you choose one over the other.Same scents,RELAXING/oriental and VITALIZING/lemony.Both worked great,very fast absorbed into the skin.

ALL OVER OIL 3.4oz-100ml 12.99$

Ingredients:Sunflower Seed Oil,Jojoba Seed Oil,Organic fragrance,Limonene,Tocopherol,Grape Seed oil,Rosemary Leaf Extract,Citral,Linalool.


RELAXING or VITALIZING scent again.I’ve only got the Relaxing scented one,but it works great.It’s not as fast absorbed as the lotion,but I feel it moisturizes better.If you have really dry skin like me,you might like this better.It’s an all purpose oil and you can also add it in your bathtub or tame any frizzy hair,and more.

PERFUME OIL 0.27oz-8ml 12.99$

Ingredients:Sunflower Seed Oil,Jojoba Seed Oil,Organic Fragrance,Grape Seed Oil,Limonene,Tochoperol,Citral,Rosemary Leaf Extract,Linalool(Geraniol,Citronellool,Coumarin,Farnesol)


Roll-on perfumed oil glass bottles..Also in two scents:RELAXING,which is an oriental scented oil,very calming and soothing, and VITALIZING,which is very lemony and refreshing.They last a pretty good amount of time,I will say at least 4 hours on my skin,but every body is different.

FACE MASKS 1.7oz-50ml 7.99$

Ingredients:Water,Glycerin,Stearic Acid,Cetearyl Alcohol,Shea Butter,Sodium Stearoyl Gutamate,Beeswax,Benzyl Alcohol,Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice Powder,Fragrance,Limonene,Salicylic Acid,Lysolecitin,Sclerotium gum,Pullman,Xanthan Gum,Citral,Sorbic Acid,Linalool,Citric Acid,Silica,Citronellol(Menthyl PCA,Grape seed Oil,Geraniol)


COOLING looks like a white cream.You apply a thin layer and after 5-10minutes you can remove it with lukewarm water.It’s lightly minty and refreshing,but to give it an extra boost of cooling,because I always wake up with a puffy face,I rinsed it off with cold cold water,and the cooling effected was higher,which helped my face depuff a little more.

HYDRATING looks the same ,like a cream,I rinsed it off after 5-10 minutes with lukewarm water,but I didn’t see any benefits from it,so save your money.

CONDITIONING off white color,easy to apply.After I washed it off,skin felt refresh tight,but not dry.



Ingredients: Water,Sodium-coco Sulfate,

NURTURING CONDITIONER 12.99$ 8.4oz-250ml


The shampoo leathers really well and did such a good job at cleansing my hair.It even leaved it soft,so big big thumbs up for it.

On the other hand,the conditioner,smells like old soap.It feels like a cream that I’ve put in in my hair and after I rinsed it out it left my hair more dry than after I just washed it.Bleah!

TEXTURE STYLER 1.7oz-50ml 9.99$

Ingredients:Water,Cetearyl Alcohol,Beeswax,Glyceryn,Myristyl  Myristate,Coconut oil,Sweet Almond Oil,Sodium Stearate Glutamate,Kaolin,Benzyl Alcohol,Aloe Leaf Juice Powder,Fragrance,Xanthan Gum,Citri Acid,Dehydroacetic Acid,limonene,Linalool,Geraniol,Citral.


Looks like a white cream and is lightly scented,like violets,amazing 😉

It can be used in wet or dry hair,it makes hair matte and gives medium hold.On my medium hair i used it to tame some baby hairs and i put some at my ends to weight my hair don’t and cut down some volume.It worked.

DRY SHAMPOO 1.2oz-35g 9.99$

Ingredients: Potato starch,Talc,Topioca starch,Sodium Bicarbonate,Silica,Peppermint Oil,Limonene,Linalool Citric Acid,Sodium benzoate,Fragrance.


It’s a squeeze out a white powder that you have to put it on your scalp than brush it thru,or brush out any excess. It’s mattifying and smell like peppermint.It work great as a dry shampoo but you have to be careful when you pour to not overdo it on your scalp,because mine turned white.

HAND WASH 8.4oz-250ml 7.99$

Ingredients:Water,Aloe Leaf juice,Sodium-Coco Sulfate,Glycerin,Laurel Glucoside,Cocamidopropyl Betaine,Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract(Pomegranate Fruit Extract),Glyceryl Caprylate,Sodium Cocoyl Glutamate,Dosodium Cocoyl Glutamate,Polyglyceryl-4 Caprate,Fragrance,Limonene,Pepermin Oil(Lavender Oil),Sodium Chloride,Sodium Gluconate,Sodium hydroxide,Citric Acid,Sodium Benzoate,Potassium Sorbate,Sorbic Acid.img_20160512_215450.jpg

Come in two scent:SWEET LEMON and WHITE TEA AND PEPPERMINT.They both leather and washed hands well,also I enjoyed both scents,that didn’t lingered for a long time after.Sweet lemon smells tiny bit like lemon and the White Tea Peppermint is not to minty.

HAND CREAM 2.5oz-75ml 7.99$

Ingredients:Water,Aloe Leaf Juice,Cetearyl Alcohol,Coco-Caprylate/Caprate,Glycerin,Shea Butter,Glyeceryl Stearate,Shorea Stenoptera Seed butter,Glyceryl Stearate Citrate,Jojoba Seed oil,Apricot Kernel Oil,Gluconolactone,Camellia Sinensis Leaf extract(Pomegranate Fruit Extract),Glyceryl Caprilate,(Pomegranate Seed Oil),Tocopherol,Cetearyl Olivate,Beeswax,Xanthan gum,Sorbitan Olivate,Lechitin,Fragrance(Lavender Oil,Lemon peel oil),Linalool,Limonene,Peppermint Oil,Sodium Gluconate,Sodium Benzoate,Potassium Sorbet,Sorbic Acid.



Same as hand wash,comes in two scent:SWEET LEMON and WHITE TEA AND PEPPERMINT. They both are really fast absorbed into the skin and the scent don’t linger long after.


LIP BALM 0.26oz-7.5g 7.99$

Ingredients:Only mentioned on the front package(organic Shea butter,Jojoba Oil,Beeswax,Castor Oil)


They come in three flavors:RASPBERRY,LEMON&VANILLA.

I was trying to see what are they pigmented with,because a noticed a slight color,not visible on lips,and on website said,natural minerals.Anyway,they look like a balm in a tube,and when you apply it on the lips it melts a little and you get a lipgloss feel on lips,with a slight sheen.I didn’t find these very moisturizing,nor they are long lasting.They are lightly colored and scented.

GENTLE DEODORANT 1.7oz-50ml 6.99$

Ingredients: Water,Tritely Citrate,Glycerin,Glyceril Stearate Citrate,Cetearyl Alcohol,Isopropyl  Myristate,Myristyl Myristate,Benzyl Alcohol,Xanthan Gum,Aloe Leaf juice Powder,Citric Acid,Dehydroacetic Acid.


Roll-on deodorant.Baking soda free.Slightly scented.When I applied it on feels ok,it dried in about 1 minute,but as soon as i did something and started to sweat,I also started to smell,so it didn’t do a good job,for me.Now,every body is different and might work different on anybody else,but for me,it really didn’t worked.


OVERALL These are not the greenest,cleanest products o the market but I like that H&M is making and effort to bring some better ingredients in their products.I really loved everything that came in relaxing scent,seriously obsessed.I really liked the Shampoo,the Multipurpose Oil,and the Texturize Styler,but the No.1 has to be the Cooling Mask.Anything that helps my puffy face in the morning is a huge help for me to start my day positive,so I might definitely will get more of that!

If you have any question or comments or if any of you tried any H&M Conscious Beauty products,please leave your thoughts down below.

Stay beautiful,Laura


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  1. Very well! Thanks for sharing! I didn’t know they were certified by Ecocert 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Laura Bruj says:

      Oh yeah,the products have awesome quality tooo

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      1. really nice! I have to try then ❤ 🙂


  2. Rasha says:

    Hi Laura, Is the glycerin used in their products derived from animals or plants? Thank you 🙂


    1. Laura Bruj says:

      I threw away the boxes where ingredients were listed😵you could probably read in store


  3. Sonia says:

    Thanks Laura! Loved the review and I’ve been waiting for something as descriptive as this. I found the relaxing body lotion very effective, it absorbed into the skin quite fast and left it feeling very smooth. I was wondering if you can use it on your face, can we do that? Thanks again darling!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Laura Bruj says:

      Thank you.Since it has natural ingredients I don’t see why not🙆


  4. floribundar says:

    The multipurpose oil sounds like something I’d love, I’m definitely going to be checking out this range next time I’m in a H&M xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Laura Bruj says:

      It’s so good H &M stepped up

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  5. Glad to see this review! I thought about purchasing this and didn’t. I might be interested in the lip balms though!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Laura Bruj says:

      I was intrigued too

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  6. Vanilla and Raspberry!

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