BEAUTYFILL BOX >SleekBox< Makeup Organizer

Today I wanna share with you my gorgeous 6 tier Acrylic makeup organizer by BeautyFill Box SLEEKBOX

I’ve been wanting a way to store my growing makeup stash in a beautiful see thru organizer since forever,and BeautyFillBox had a giveaway on Instagram with I’ve won,and they made my dream come true.

The box seems small,wich is great cause i wanted to minimize how I keep my makeup,but it holds gigantic amount of makeup.


As seen on “Keeping up with the Kardashians”

PRICE: 129.99$

Handmade,clear acrylic materials,see thru same as glass

Size 9.75 x 9.75 x 12.75back. Top 4 drawers 1.5 inch high.Bottom drawer 3.25inch high

Very compact,sleek,elegant.


-Once you fill it up with makeup it’s really heavy,so don’t think about move it here or there,because it might be impossible.

-Very sharp edges.On my first day i’ve got a nasty scratch while i tried to organize my makeup in it.


I hope the pictures can show the giant amount of makeup i store.

Let me know if you own this or how you organize your makeup in the comments bellow.




  1. I can’t afford the kind of organizers that I would like to I went to walmart and got a 11 dollar 3 drawer thingy and I separate the items using the eyes, lips face method.

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