MAYA CHIA The Super Couple Ultra Luxe Face Oil-REVIEW

Maya Chia products all natural,free of harsh chemicals,sulfates, parabens, petrochemicals, phthalates, and colorants.Made in USA.

MAYA CHIA The Super Couple Astaxanthin + Chia Anti-Aging + Moisture Face Oil Serum

FULL SIZE: 1 fl oz – 30ml

PRICE: 85$

PACKAGING: Glass bottle,dark colored,screw on cap with a glass droplet


“The Super Couple is a multi-correctional high-performance ultra luxe face oil serum combining the world’s most powerful antioxidant, astaxanthin, with nature’s #1 superfood, chia, rich with skin-loving omega fatty acids, antioxidants & minerals. Astaxanthin is an anti-aging powerhouse (clinically proven to have 65X the strength of Vitamin C to fight free radicals) to combat dull, tired, aging skin.

The proprietary formula also uses complementary wildcrafted active botanicals, each highly targeted to work together synergistically to impart specific benefits to the skin.

The micro particle size of our ultra lightweight formula deeply penetrates the skin layers & rapidly absorbs. Powerful, yet gentle. It can be used on all skin types, even the most sensitive.”

WHAT IS: 100% natural oil,paraben free,pthalate free,orange colored(no artificial colors added),it doesn’t stain the skin.

SCENT: light pleasant blend scent of plants and flowers

APPLICATION: easy to use the droplet which has a rounded unique end

WHAT IT DOES: I use about 3 drops to cover my face and about 1 or 2 to cover neck.It’s easy to spread over and it’s fast absorbed by the skin,giving the skin an all over glow.Is not a dry oil so it takes about 1 full hour to fully absorb into skin.It works really well with makeup.

OVERALL: It’s been winter here and my skin has been really dry so I used the oil straight for 10 days,morning and night.After that,before applying moisturizer/oil in the morning or evening, i felt my skin was still lacking in moisture and felt way to dry from a mix of the harsh cold and the dry warm indoors.I do love this oil though,it make skin really supple,elastic and plump so I did continue using it in the morning.I even noticed my fine line has smoothed out and my skin is more luminous and my pores shrink.I’m still checking out if my age spots are fading and i will uptake the review if they will.Is it pricy?Damn yes! but if it’s a promise of youth,is damn worthy!

Impressed yet? My skin never lies 🙂 Laura




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