5 Ways to Choose the Perfect Rug for a Room

Rugs can be a game changer when it comes to how a room looks and feels, creating harmony or perhaps adding a statement with an element of surprise. The biggest question is, what are the best ways to choose that perfect rug?

The Space


The space you plan to use the rug is arguably the most important consideration when making your decision. In a hallway, for example, it can create a visual pathway that helps connect the rooms. You can have a lot of fun when choosing hall rugs, introducing bold colors and patterns, or whatever appeals to you, though you’ll also want to think about how your scheme flows into the connecting rooms. If you want a rug in a dining room, you wouldn’t want a thick, shag-type rug as it will catch all those crumbs, but rather a more durable, thin rug. On the other hand, that shag rug would be great for a bedroom as it feels great on bare feet.


The Size

When searching for that perfect living room rug to go under a piece of furniture, size is a critical factor. Interior design experts say that a rug which fully extends under key pieces of furniture is highly-recommended as it makes the space look larger while tying the look together. Giant area rugs are more pleasing to the eye and more practical too.

Add a Rug to Accent or Tie into a Room’s Color Scheme

Once you have your furniture in place in any given room, you can choose a rug that ties into the existing color scheme, or as an accent, perhaps by adding a splash of vibrant color.


The Pattern

If you have upholstery or wallpaper that has an ornate pattern, choose a rug in a sold color. On the other hand, if upholstery and walls have a more subdued, solid color, choosing a rug with bolder colors or a busier pattern can add interest to the space.


The Shape

Don’t assume that a rug should be rectangular in size. Let the way you group your furniture dictate that instead. Perhaps an oval, round or square shape will complement it better. A round rug is ideal for a large bathroom, which is also the perfect space to get creative, experiment with patterns, textures and colors and help inspire the rest of your its décor.



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