Keeping up with technology

I had a question to myself the other day: “Am I dumb?”

Well,I don’t truly believe I’m literally dumb, but there are certain times when I start to feel I’m way behind.


Even though I have an Instagram account, a Facebook account, a Youtube account, a Twitter account, these youngsters apps and webs, definitely captured my attention. But in the end, to a certain extent, these apps are for leisure purpose, mostly.

So I questioned myself, what are my computers skills? because phones and apps skills don’t really apply to that question.

I grew up way before the big computer booms if you were not born in a Millennia Era, and your parents didn’t had the money to buy a computer at home, you probably relate to me, and had probably the first contact with a computer in the college, or by going to an Internet Caffe. That’s how I actually created my first e-mail and discovered chats, where you could actually talk to people from all over the world. I didn’t knew a lot about website back then, nor spoke or understand much english.

So here I am, waking up after 20 years, and realizing,I don’t really know that much about computers. I never really had an interest unlearning more thru the years, since whatever job I had, didn’t require much computer knowledge, but, not that I realize how much the world has chanced, I feel the need to catch up.

So I discovered a new website that offer exactly what I need, a training and testing platform, great for people like me, who might have some knowledge or none, who would like to improve their knowledge. The website also offers free E-courses and how-to videos, so they are really easy to follow and understand in HTML, JAVA, CSS, PHP, MySQL, and if you are like, you probably didn’t knot what that means either.


So at least there is hope out there, and there is a starting point.

Learning something new is also a health factor for the brain, so it keeps the brain cells active and healthy, so doing something out of the comfort zone, it stimulating that.

Also, I believe knowledge is freedom, and I will never stop learning and improving myself.

Oh yeah, and if you still don’t know anything, just ask SIRI 🙂




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