ECOLUXE Cosmetics is an natural/organic beauty brand,handmade in Ontario/Canada,that you can shop on ETSY.Com

All the products i’m gonna talk about,were sent to me,to test it out.

ECOLUXE Conditioning Face Wash 5.57$-13.57$


Ingredients:(*organic)100% pure liquid coconut castle*,aloe vera*,stilled water*,rosa damascena (rose absolute)petal water*,raw honey*,coconut milk*,vegetable glycerine,rose essential oil*,pink grapefruit essential oil.

This cleanser is a liquid,no scent,you can either just apply it on the face wet or dry than add water and leather it.Either way works well,the foam leathers well and feels very luxurious,it easily removes away dirt and makeup.I can say it does exactly what a cleaner supposes to do,but this one also removes makeup quickly,i’ve been pleasantly impressed how fast and good! So big thumbs up for the cleaner!

ECOLUXE Clarifying Face Toner 9.57$-23.62$



Ingredients:(*organic)100%pure witchhazel extract*,aloe vera*,distilled water*,vegetable based emulsifier(glycerine,coconut oil,soy lecithin,vitamin E,C,Rosmarinus officinalis(rosemary)extract,pink grapefruit essential oil.

The toner smells slightly as grapefruit,is very gentle and finished removing slight dirt that remained on my face after using the face wash.This one is alcohol free,they also have one with alcohol,if you prefer that.

ECOLUXE Organic Lipstick RED REEF 001 14.39$

Ingredients:(organic*)beeswax,castor oil(Ricinus communis)*,virgin coconut oil(cocos nucifera)*,mica powder,Australian red reef+pink clays,fair trade coco butter+powder*,macadamia nut oil,Marunta arundinacea,stevia*,turmeric*,non-nano zinc oxide,koalin clay.

A true coco brown matte lipstick.It’s very long lasting,even if you drink and eat.With only one application you achieve a full color and you don’t need to re-apply often.I even used it as a cream bronzer/blush on the face and it blends well.

ECOLUXE Translucent Mineral powder 2.92$-7.98$


Ingredients:(*organic)Arrowroot(Maranta arundinacea),Sodium Bicarbonate,Lavender&Bergamot Essential Oils*,Gingeroot*,Matcha Green tea*,Carob Powder*,free-trade Cocoa Powder*,Kaolin Clay.

It has a slight color to it,and slightly scented.I used it to set up under my eyes and face and performs well.

ECOLUXE Bronzing Mineral Powder 2.92$-7.98$

Ingredients: (organic*)Arrowroot (Maranta arundinacea),Sodium Bicarbonate,Mica particles,Lavender essential oils*,Gingerroot*,Matcha Green Tea*,Carob Powder*,free-trade Cocoa powder*,Kaolin Clay.

Is a sheer sparkly bronzer.It was really hard for me to apply it on my dry ski,so i couldn’t get a dark shade on my face.

ECOLUXE Highlighting Mineral Powder 2.92$-7.98$

Ingredients: (organic*)Arrowroot (Maranta arundinacea),Sodium Bicarbonate,Mica particles,Lavender essential oils*,Gingerroot*,Matcha Green Tea*,Carob Powder*,free-trade Cocoa powder*,Kaolin Clay.

I tried several time to use this one and I couldn’t get any shimmer on my face.I’ll probably will end up using it as to set under my eyes and face powder since i don’t see any shimmer in it.


OVERALL: None of these products bothered my sensitive skin. I was so pleasantly impressed with the Conditioning Face Wash and the Matte Lipstick,I definitely recommend those,but very disappointed with the Bronzing Mineral powder witch needs to look darker on the face,so it might need a little bit of cocoa in it(i might try to add it),and the Highlighting Mineral Powder had no shimmer to it.

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Stay naturally gorgeous,Laura

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  1. I’ve never heard of this brand before! Great review!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Laura Bruj says:

      They only sell on Etsy

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I am going to HAVE to buy that highlighting mineral powder! I’m in love 😍

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Laura Bruj says:

      That powder tho didn’t highlight anything 😅


      1. Looks nice and sheen in the picture!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Laura Bruj says:

        But is not sparkly at all.looks like a translucent powder


  3. Natalie Kay says:

    That lipstick color looks gorgeous!

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