Java Skin Care JAVA LIP SCRUB – Review

Java Skin Care is an Organic skin care brand witch is made of course,with coffee.

JAVA Demitasse LIP SCRUB Organic Green Coffee


Price: 9$

Size: .8oz – 22.68g

 Packaging: jar with twist cap,traveling friendly


Ingredients: organic pure cane sugar, organic argania spinosa (argan) kernel oil, organic ground roasted coffea arabica (coffee), organic citrus limon (lemon) rind, ground green coffea arabica (coffee)

Description: “Inspired by the French Espresso Romano where your espresso shot is served with a twist of lemon, our Demitasse Lip Scrub is a delicious way to smooth and plump your lips naturally, using only five organic ingredients.”

What is: a sugar lip scrub

Application: with a finger take some product(you don’t need a lot) and scrub lips in straight or circular motion.After few seconds of scrubbing you can take a wet towel and rub off the lips clean,or just simply lick off your lips,because the scrub is delicious

What it does:

-Polish-sugar and coffee scrubs off the dead skin

-Plump-naturally plumps from gently inflammation that scrub produce

-Prime-smooths out the lips for the next step

-Protect-kernel oil keeps lips moist

Overall: A very delicious and very effective lip scrub.You need a little amount to scrub off the dead skin of your lips,so the little container lasts a pretty long time.It really does what it sais,including a temporary plump.Did I said it smells delicious? I will definitely re-purchase!

Always caffeinated,Laura




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