Now in its 7th year, the CertClean CLEAN BEAUTY AWARDS celebrates the best performing products — products made without harmful ingredients. Hosted by CertClean and supported by an eminent panel of judges (like me), the Awards is a global movement to recognize the clean beauty products that deliver results.

This year I review products in perfume, face serums, lip care and eye color categories, and I will all review them separately.

Here come the entries for CertClean Beauty Awards in the Lip Care Category:

NO-MELT LIP BALM Lavender Lip Balm $9.95

Handmade in small batches, this lipbalm is made with simple ingredients but it delivers exactly what you expect from a lip balm. It makes the lips very soft and nourished, is healing and it comes in tons of flavors. I received in Lavender and is very delicate and pleasant.

MarieNatie Cosmetics LoveMarie Lip Gloss $18.00 CAD

Rich and creamy lip gloss, made with anti-aging ingredients (mostly organic), the lip gloss is enriched with vitamin E, grape seed, and sunflower oils. The lip gloss is thick and creamy, almost like a lip balm in a tube, is non sticky and it make me lips feel plump.

OBM Natural Beauty Vanilla Coconut Lip Balm $4.95

A very nourishing lip balm packed with Vitamin E (it moisturizes, soothes irritation, protects from sun damage, and even has subtle plumping properties). Besides that, I’m obsessed with the vanilla coconut scent that it has, perfect for the summer.

East Coast Glow Partridgeberry + Mint Wild Herb Infused Lip Balm $12

Lightweight, a balm to oil formula, minty and refreshing. Sustainably wildcrafted produced and packaged in eco-friendly paperboard packaging, it has more unique ingredients comparing to other lip balms, containing lingonberries and also zinc oxide, that works as SPF to protect agains sun rays. So don’t forget to pack this balm on your next traveling trip, but don’t forget to never leave it in high heat such as a tent or car, since it has a high chance to melt and make a mess.

Madame Gabriela Beauty Saint Tropez at 11AM $35

The perfect blend between oils and butters, very lightweight,this libpbalm feels very luxurious and is made with healing antibacterial UMF 15+ Mānuka honey for its impressive healing and soothing powers, and also chamomile flowers. The bullet containers itself is very heavy and luxurious and it looks like a lipstick.

Birch Babe Skinny Dipper Lip Balm $18

This balm has really healing ingredients (calendula & chamomile), nourishing and anti-aging (vitamin E and rosehip seed oil) plus the glass jar make it extra friendly for traveling even in the most hot weather. Minty and refreshing, perfect for any season.

Eco by Sonya Driver Glory Lips $14.95

A balm in a tube for those who prefer this type of application. Th tube is easy to squeeze and is made from PCR and Sugar Cane Pulp on a solar farm in Australia. The lip balm is very nourishing, protective agains sun rays (Organic Mango Seed Butter) and is made with many organic ingredients. It also has Vitamin E for anti-aging properties and slightly plumping effect.

Let me know if you have any questions about any of these products, and also check out the other 3 categories I’ve judged this year: Perfume, Eye Color & Face Serum.


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