I was invited to write an iHerb.com Blog article

I am an IHerb.com customer for about 3 years now, because IHerb.com carries a lot of the supplements I often needed, but I keep learning they bring more amazing sustainable brands and products now, that make me stay and keep shopping there for more. They have a wide range of products in supplements, groceries, bath & beauty, sports, bay and pets and often sales to stimulate you to shop only there (haha, guilty!)

Earlier this spring, IHerb.com reached out to me, to ask if I wanted to write a blog for them, and I was elated, since I was already a huge fan.

The blog post is called 7 Things You Can Do to Reduce Your Beauty Trash and incorporates easy products swaps that help you go plastic free and zero waste, use healthier products for you and the planet (chemical free), and to even help you save some money.

Products mentioned: Weleda soap | Cliganic jojoba oil | Sky Organics castor oil | Toms deodorant | Badger sunscreen | Wowe toothbrush | Hello toothpaste tablets | Radius floss | Afterspa reusable makeup remover |

Read more details on the IHerb.com Blog and let me know if you have any questions about these products or you need suggestions based on your personal needs.



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