I have been over the moon when my friend Renata recommended me to be one of the¬†CertClean’s Clean Beauty Awards JUDGE, and I get to be part of such an amazing experience. The 5th annual awards are organized by @certclean, North America’s leading certification for safer skincare, with a partnership of @purpicks. In case you haven’t heard, CertClean is calling for entries for its 5th … Continue reading Judging CLEAN BEAUTY AWARDS

I just went LIVE on Vitacost IG

Nerves got the best of me, since I just went LIVE for the first time, on Instagram Vitacost IG,and of course I had no clue what to do after the LIVE session, but luckily I just saved the video so I can share it with you. Vitacost.com carries over 45,000 different healthy products, including EccoBella beauty products,and since I am an EccoBella Ambassador,I had the … Continue reading I just went LIVE on Vitacost IG

I’ve received my first AWARD!!!

Seriously,I can’t believe I’ve received my first award, from FOHR,that they we’re tracking my Instagram for the month of February promoting Antonym Cosmetics, which just launched their new Eyeliner in Steel.Looks like hard work pays off. So,how I became a top influencer for Antonym in the month of February??? Here is what that means: Fohr tracks over 4,500 brands to see which influencers are giving … Continue reading I’ve received my first AWARD!!!


So recently I’ve been super busy testing many skincare products, since I became a curator @Natural Avenue , a website that carry indie brands, cruelty free and NO GMO,and I have the opportunity to work with them and test out products that work for me and my skincare type, and share them with you.So I kinda do the research for yours you don’t have to! … Continue reading I AM A CREATOR @ NATURAL AVENUE