I just went LIVE on Vitacost IG

Nerves got the best of me, since I just went LIVE for the first time, on Instagram Vitacost IG,and of course I had no clue what to do after the LIVE session, but luckily I just saved the video so I can share it with you.

Vitacost.com carries over 45,000 different healthy products, including EccoBella beauty products,and since I am an EccoBella Ambassador,I had the opportunity to take over Vitacost LIVE and share some EccoBella products and do a mini makeup application, sharing some of my secrets, tips and tricks. If you just missed watching me, here is the video:


EccoBella Skincare products mentioned:

Mist On Toner Vitamin Spray

Leave-Ov Invisible Exfoliant & Blemish Remedy

Age Antidote Day Cream SPF15

Night Rebuilder Cream

EccoBella Makeup products mentioned:

Natural Foundation 

Cover Up 

Face Powder

Blush Refill

Eyeshadow Refill

Soft Eyeliner Pencil

Vitamin E Lip Smoother


Definitely was super excited for this amazing collaboration, and don’t forget to save 25% with LAURABRUJ18 when you shop @EccoBella.com.


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