So recently I’ve been super busy testing many skincare products, since I became a curator @Natural Avenue , a website that carry indie brands, cruelty free and NO GMO,and I have the opportunity to work with them and test out products that work for me and my skincare type, and share them with you.So I kinda do the research for yours you don’t have to!

Here are some current brands I’ve tested some products out and that might interest you:


L’UVALLA SKINCARE is a 100% natural skincare line made in France, vegan,cruelty free,using organic and cold press ingredients, and highly infused with essentials oils, that also offer aromatherapy benefits.This skincare line is great for moisturizing and toning the skin and love the calming scents infused with lavender.


IREMIA SKINCARE is ethically made in Canada in small batches for sensitive & highly reactive skin. These products are great to soothe eczema & rosacea, dehydrated, reactive and sensitive skin.



MYTHOLOGIE SKINCARE is a holistic handmade organic and wildcrafted facial oils, using raw cold press and wild ingredients, loaded with vitamins and minerals and essential fatty acids, that easily absorb into the skin improving cellular regeneration, hydration,toning and clarifying.


All these amazing brands can be purchased @Natural Avenue and when you make a purchase thru their website,you support small batches brands that bring the best potent ingredients into their products, and also me, for trying hard to promote only brands that only deliver clean ingredients.



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