Here’s  a subject,controversial or taboo,about enhancing lips.

Although many women consider lip plumping by lip injections in a doctors office,I would never be one of them.
I love miself as I am and I belive in remedies that help you shine,without beeing invasive.

So about lip enhancing,today I wanna share with you,this little potent guy by TOO FACED.


This tube that I got was a gift with purchase,so in not real full size.

TOO FACED Lip INJECTION Extreme Lip Plumping Treatment 28$

It works temporary and I only use it ocasionally if i tend to enhance my lips,just for one day!

Here are my lips before and after 5 minutes on LIP INJECTION.

When you put it on,you will instantly feel like 100 bees stinging your lips,but that wears out in about 5-10 minutes.I can’t say how long the effect lasts,because if you don’t feel any pain,you can’t really tell,but you can always add more,for extra plumping.Just don’t abuse it.I would recommend to be tried on before purchasing,some people could be allergic to the effects,or just won’t bear the pain in the lips.

It can be used by itself,or under your favorite lipstick or lip gloss,but they also launched it tinted,as a colored gloss too.

Lemme know if you ever tried this product and you loved it,or you didn’t.

Hope this inspires you,L

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  1. Alexis Ruiz says:

    That sounds scary! I am allergic to bees haha. I know there are some natural products that you use to lip plump, like cinnamon! I would love to try this for fun! It looks its made your lips plumpier c:

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