TANORICI Organic Facial Oil – Review

Tanorici is a 100% organic facial oil blend,made in USA,that targets inflammation,wrinkles and acne.


Price: $40

Size: 50ml – 1.69 fl oz

Container: glass bottle with a droplet


Ingredients: 100% Organic castor oil, 100% organic avocado oil

Description: “Tanorici is a package that involves a skin healing mechanism in addition to a skin nourishment mechanism and therefore this organic blend can be used to “Prevent” any potential damage from occurring to your skin or “Restore” your skin from any existing damage.” Read Scientific facts on Tanorici.com

What is: A very thick oil,light yellow and clear colored,with a slight oil scent,nothing to crazy to bother me

Application: You need about 3-4 drops to apply all over your face,and 2-3 drops to cover neck,and I was even covering my chest area with 2 drops.

What it does: this oil is very fast absorbed into the skin(about 3 to 5 minutes,tops).It’s recommended to be used day and night,and it doesn’t leave my face sticky at all,or shiny,as most oils do.I have dry to normal skin and it works well under makeup and it didn’t stained my pillow at night,since it gets fully absorbed into the skin.It made my skin really plump instantly and well moisturized during the day.

Overall: This oil is my new favorite! Other oils leave my skin really dewy,and for the summertime,I’m not looking for extra dewiness,so this oil is perfect for me to keep well moisturized but not extra shiny.I have to use a little more to see if it has anti-aging properties or works some miracles against acne,and if it does,I’ll update my review.

But so far,I’m impressed.

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♥Forever young,Laura

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