A perfect Sunday

I don’t remember when we had last, such a beautiful autumn,when outside was sunny and warm(around 70F),not to much rainy clouds and moody swings of weather.

Hopefully it will keep this way for a little longer,because we have the best autumn,in a long time.





Top: Peter Pilotto for Target (old colab)

Under knee Skirt: Matty M(got mine @Costco)

Heels: Vince Camuto

Leather Jacket: H&M



  1. Cute outfit!! but being vegetarian I’m disappointed to see leather mentioned. Are you sure it’s not a typo? 🙂

    It’s just that there’s such a huge market for leather (understatement) and people don’t realize that behind these glamorous items lies immense animal suffering and cruelty.

    I know that buying pleather and other man-made items isn’t exactly better as it’s bad for the environment too, as is leather, but at least man-made = cruelty free.

    I’m not perfect..I used to buy it before I knew better, but now that I know, I haven’t bought it (or suede, down, silk, wool or fur) since 94.

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