I’m a big fan of pets and H&M,and I found the great combination of the two. image This awesome pug pillow cushion,it was on sale for 7$,is so cute and so adorable,and such a simple accent for my indoor couch,and more.The pillow inside was the cheapest I could find,2$ from Ikea,just to fill it in,the size was a little bigger but fit perfectly stuffed in. image Another minimalist addition,was this straight edge vase from Ikea,was 3$,which is something that I wanted for a long time. image Be inspired and I hope my cute pillow made you smile. Laura

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  1. aw this is cute

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  2. I’ve tagged you in the love/hate tag – see my latest blog post for more details xxx


    1. Laura Bruj says:

      Thank you,I’ll check it out😉

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