COFFEFFE soaps, are Made in USA consciously, from recycled coffee grounds from local coffee shops, made simply with all natural ingredients, and zero waste packaging, all meant to reduce landfill waste and earth footprint.

The packaging is coming from pages from magazines,very chic looking and simple.Seriously,I don’t need more than that.

5% of the proceeds also got to foundations that are helping coffee farmers with their crops.

These soaps are not only simple and supporting some amazing causes, but also very moisturizing and smell delicious.Here are the scents: Cocoa Vanilla,Chai Spice,Pumpkin Spice.

This is the very first soap I came across to go minimal, zero waste,and give back,and I’m seriously impressed.

Can’t wait to discover more brands that are stepping up like this, since we want to maintain a green planet for our future generations.


♥ Laura

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