I’m sure many of you have you heard of the benefits of a body brush.

Now you probably think it’s a great addition to your shower puff/sponge but,I just found out that it can also be used DRY.

The benefits of DRY SKIN BRUSHING include:
>Increasing the circulation to the skin could possibly reduce the appearance of cellulite. Cellulite is toxic material accumulated in your body’s fat cells. So, rather than take drastic measures like liposuction, how about utilizing the dry skin brushing techniques to help break down unwanted toxins?
>Dry body brushing helps shed dead skin cells (and encourages new cell renewal), which results in smoother and brighter skin. It can also help with any pesky ingrown hairs.
It assists in improving vascular blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. By releasing toxins, it encourages the body’s discharge of metabolic wastes so the body is able to run more effectively.
>Dry skin brushing rejuvenates the nervous system by stimulating nerve endings in the skin,great stress relief
It helps with muscle tone and gives you a more even distribution of fat deposits.
>Dry skin brushing helps your skin to absorb nutrients by eliminating clogged pores.

>Improve Digestion and Kidney Function

Dry skin brushing may go even deeper, helping to support your digestion and organ function. According to one skin care and spa expert:3

“…many naturopathic doctors use dry brushing to help with bloating because massaging the lymph nodes helps the body shed excess water and toxins. One of the immediate effects of dry brushing is smoother skin, but it can also help improve digestion, kidney function, and more.”

The directions are pretty simple:
>Start on dry skin before bathing.
>Work in gentle circular, upward motions, then longer, smoother strokes.
>Always begin at the ankles in upwards movements towards the heart – the lymphatic fluid flows through the body towards the heart, so it’s important that you brush in the same direction.
<Your back is the only exception to the preceding rule; brush from the neck down to the lower back.
>After you’ve finished with the ankles, move up to the lower legs, thighs, stomach, back and arms. Be cautious of softer and sensitive skin around the chest and breasts, and never brush over inflamed skin, sores, sun-burnt skin, or skin cancer.
>Ensure you shower to wash away the dead skin cells and impurities.
Tip: alternating temperatures in the shower from hot to cold will further invigorate the skin and stimulate blood circulation, bring more blood to the outer layers of the skin.
Then follow it up with a slick moisturizer to nourish the skin (personally, I’m a fan of coconut oil).
Give it a go for 30 consecutive days and your body will love you for it!

I got a brush by CLEANLOGIC,there are so many brands out there,I think it’s totally inexpensive and a must.

Have you tried this technique yet,or a better one?
Please comment below


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