I have been over the moon when my friend Renata recommended me to be one of the CertClean’s Clean Beauty Awards JUDGE, and I get to be part of such an amazing experience.

The 5th annual awards are organized by @certclean, North America’s leading certification for safer skincare, with a partnership of @purpicks.img_1446

In case you haven’t heard, CertClean is calling for entries for its 5th Clean Beauty Awards where the best performing products in the industry are determined by a panel of green beauty judges (I’m a judge this year!). Thought you may want to know: https://bldbl.co/BZPym – call for entries for remaining categories ends November 16th!
The category that I’m assigned to, are DEODORANTS, and even though summer days are long go, deodorants are definitely used during cold months too.
So I received a bunch of deodorants to test, and believe me, choosing one winner is no easy task, especially when all these products work wonders.


Here are the finalists:

climbOn Deo Spicy Eucalyptus

I was seriously impressed with this one, from the scent, to application, and length in protection. I like that is unisex scented, so it can suit anyone, and maybe at first I needed to rub the product in the skin, until I learned the tricks how to apply it better.

Freedom Lavender

This deodorant is really great, very smooth and smells really great, but?! I was a little disappointed with he application of this product, since the product is a little on the soft side, and it came in a tub. Usually I like to apply these from a jar, since they also need to be massaged a little in the armpit area.

Ever Kind  Organic Ultra stick

Definitely a winner in my book, from zero waste packaging, smooth application without residue, scent and length in protection. This one seriously blew me away!

Routine Sexy Sadie

Love at first application. You only need a small amount and it leaves the armpit area very smooth and very well protected for a long time.I loved the smooth feel of the product the most, and the unisex scent, that I wished it came in a “perfume” too!

KIND-LY Rose Geranium

I didn’t expect to go back in time and use a roll-on deodorant again, and this brought back memories from 20 years ago, haha.The application is exactly what I used 20 years ago, a wet and jelly type, and it takes a while to absorb int he skin. I can tell that it wasn’t my favorite, since I don’t usually have time to let it sit and dry for 5 minutes..Also it didn’t last long on me, so Bleah, it didn’t do much for me.

Penny Lane Organic Grapefruit

When I first used this deodorant, the scent is what captured me. The application leaves a very smooth skin, and it gave me a fair length of protection, even though I started sweating. The only con I found, is the consistency of the product, since the coconut oil in it I believe, it turned into little balls, so is not all like a butter. Application is very easy, you just need a pea size product.

Black Chicken Axilla

A little bit harder product, so you have to melt a little bit in order to pick any product on your finger, or you could use something to scrapped a little product off, than apply it. It does work really well, it applies smooth, and it has a very beautiful scent.


I can’t tell you how amazing all these deodorant are, and I can’t wait to see all the winners posted soon.

If you had the chance to be the Judge in a Beauty Awards, which category would you like to review?


P.S. Makeup Details:

Primer | Foundation117L | Concealer beige (save 25% w/LAURABRUJ18 $25+)Powder Un-Powder | Bronzer hot cocoa |Blush dream cream | Highlight French me (save w/LAURABRUJ) | Freckles brown Eyebrows medium brown |Eye Primer wide awake |Eyeshadow Living Coral, Only You, Daiquiri |Eyeliner 147 |Mascara black berry |Lips fundamental


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  1. harivain says:

    Congrats on being picked as a judge! How are you Laura?? Feels like it’s been forever….


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