In 2019 I discovered some new amazing natural and organic brands in beauty,and it makes me really happy to see more zero waste brands popping,and I definitely hope in the future,to be able to have products in plastic free and biodegradable containers.

All the products I will mention below are made only with 100% clean ingredients, no mystery preservatives or dyes, no silicones or perfumes, etc.


PRIMER I have one dewy primer and one matte, both from 100%Pure, and I like them because they do exactly what a primer should do, but they are definitely on the pricy side.

The 100%Pure Luminous Primer is hydrating, so it suits best dry to normal skin, and the shimmer is so fine in it, that won’t be visible when applied on the face.

The 100%Pure Mattifying Primer is great for all skin types, and is similar to a silicone primer, without the deadly ingredients. It fills the pores and smoothes the skin, and makes it really velvety.

FOUNDATION surprisingly I’m gonna mention 100%Pure 2nd Skin Foundation, because this one is worth all the money. In a liquid form, is buildable, best applied with fingers,is giving a flawless medium coverage and it doesn’t sink in fine lines and pores. It also lasts 6 to 8 hours without moving and I don’t worry about touch ups. Couldn’t beat that! My shade is 1,because in the winter I’m really pale, but in the summer, I just use a bronzer on top of it to match!

CONCEALER i loved how good is Eccobella Concealer Beige at covering dark circles with a peach undertone, but I must find one that doesn’t come in a plastic packaging,so the hunting still continue.


POWDER I only set up my under eye concealer and center of the face,so I like a translucent powder, and this Couleur Caramel Silk Powder it has been the bomb for me.

BRONZER because my skin tone is light in winter,I use Couleur Caramel Bronzer Pearly Golden, since is very easy to blend and sculpt my face, but in the summer, when I get tanned to a medium,  I use 100%Pure Cocoa Pigmented Bronzer Cocoa Glow, but keep in mind,it has a slight reddish undertone.

BLUSH I thought I didn’t really liked a powder blush,until I discovered this Zao Organics Golden Coral Blush, that has a beautiful golden fine shimmer that gives dimensions to the cheeks. It will be hard to top that one,but when I skip a bronzer,EccoBella Bronzeris like a duo product,a bronzer combined with blush,so I can easy get away with it with just one product.

HIGHLIGHT when I first tried Zao Organic Highlight,I couldn’t believe how gorgeous it was,so that’s still one of my favorites.With a soft champagne color, it can be built up, from a quiet soft glow, to a wet application, for a full coverage.

EYE PRIMER i didn’t even intended to invest in one,but,because this Sheer Miracle Wide Awake Organic Concealer didn’t truly worked for me as a concealer,I discovered is the most amazing eyelid primer,because is little thick and also conceals all the discoloration that I have. So a lucky discovery.

EYESHADOW I was truly impressed by Prisma Palette and even though I already acquired a small collection of shimmer, matte and duochrome eyeshadows, I can’t seem to get enough of it, because they are that good. Also I loved the Couleur Caramel Eyeshadows I’ve tried, matte and shimmers, and how cute those traveling packaging is.

EYELINER I guess I stick to the safest matte black eye liner from Antonym Noir.I didn’t found a waterproof one, and I’m not sure there are any on the market, but this one seems to be the best black I’ve tried yet. And because the only white eye pencil that I’ve tried is from 100%Pure Bright Eyes,I wasn’t disappointed, just weirded out that there are not many colorful options on the market.

LIQUID LINER since I’ve tried this 100%Pure Long Lasting Liquid Eyeliner and it lasted on my eyelids all day, we never been apart. It never flakes or bleed, and it’s a really a lot of product in that little tube. I’ve gave a try to a zero waste product last year, but that wasn’t successful , so I have yet to find a plastic free container product in the future.

MASCARA I did try to give a zero waste mascara a try last year,but it couldn’t work like a real mascara for me,so I’m sticking with 100%Pure Ultra Lenghtening because is very fast and gives curl and volume to the lashes.

EYEBROW I don’t see my eyebrows to ever grow back,so I’m using 100%Pure Long Lasting Brow Medium brown,and that seems to do the trick for me just fine.It can be applied with a small angled brush to mimic hair lines, and it can look very soft and natural.

GLITTER is life! if you are a bubbly spirit like me,and biodegradable glitter is the most fashionable,so I’ve tried Moon Shatter Bio Glitter and is freaking amazing!

LIPGLOSS I have yet to discover the most amazing plastic free lipgloss yet,so until then,100%pure Gemmed Lipgloss Crystal rocks.

100%Pure: Calendula, Thisle, Poppy.    Couleur Caramel:

LIPSTICK is another product that I have yet to find  a good plastic free and zero waste product, so I decided to mentioned my small collection of 100%Pure Pomegranate Oil Lipsticks, because they are so pigmented and highly moisturizing, plus their packaging is from recycled materials, and they can be recycled again. Same stand from my lipsticks from Couleur Caramel,but keep in mind, the matte colors are a little bit more dry than the regular lipsticks. All matte lipsticks seem to be that way.

If you like more the pencil lipsticks, Antonym Cosmetics has 3 amazing ones. With pearly shimmer hues, they are very moisturizing and very pigmented.

I already tried a multitasking product that comes in a biodegradable tube and works as a matte lipstick too, and that’s Zoja Beauty Girl  Boss Multitasker in Intuition, and it’s really amazing, and would love to try more shades in the future.


So that was my small makeup favorite makeup stash of 2019, and I would love to hear about your favorites too, because is so hard to find plastic free products, and truly clean, so don’t be shy and drop your favorite makeup product items below in the comments.


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