2021 Non-Toxic & Zero Waste MAKEUP FAVORITES

Even though in the past couple of years I didn’t used so much makeup as I used to, due to CoronaVirus19 , there were few moments that I was longing to wear makeup, but nowhere to go to! (you probably might relate).

So even though I didn’t put so much makeup on, there were so many new releases that impressed me, but stepping up to zero waste packaging, that I was so anxious to rise up on the market, and are brands are turning Green and Clean, since people are learning more and more, that what you put on your skin is absorbed by your body.

So here are the 2021 makeup favorites, some old and some new, all non-toxic, no plastic containers whenever possible or even zero waste, which make me really happy, since zero waste is my ultimate goal:

PRIMERDEW MIGHTY Bloom Jelly Serum Bar $15/$45

Pictured here is the sample size, but I will definitely get the full size next. This balm like product is everything that I want from a product to be: zero waste packaging and multitasking! This magic balm works well as an anti-aging moisturizer, reduces redness including rosacea, reduces sun spots and boosts collagen plus prepares the skin for the makeup step, YEAH! Even though is more made as a skincare product, this product leaves the skin so velvety and smooth, so it makes sense to use it as skincare and primer at the same time, without using an extra product. Just like eliminating the middle man in the business chain.


An old favorite that doesn’t disappoint. Even though I’ve tried several different brands and similar products, it’s nothing that came close to this one. I use shade 11 and for me this shade is matching me perfectly as a concealer and even as a foundation at time, especially when traveling and want to go minimalistic. Don’t worry about this product containing coconut oil because NO! it doesn’t clog pores!

FOUNDATIONROOT PRETTY Wonder Foundation $26 / 100%PURE 2nd Skin Foundation $47

Got a new discovery from Root Pretty and just newly launched Wonder Foundation, which is more like a tinted moisturizer in a stick form. You don’t need to moisturize before applying this one and it’s perfect for peoples who like in dry climates or super cold, or if you have super dry ski, because this one will give you super hydration and a glow!

I couldn’t skip my old favorite 100%Pure 2nd Skin Foundation, because I can never go wrong with this one. No matter how your apply it, it always leaves a smooth skin, strike free, it’s buildable and long-lasting!

POWDERPURE ANADA Matte or Glow setting powder $25

I’ve tried several powder brands over the years and they always dissapointed me, from shades being off, to weird applications, until, I’ve met Pure Anada finishing powders in Matte or Glow, depending o your prefference. Very smooth, covers well, lasts a really long time, and it does what it supposed to!

BRONZER THE BALM Bronzilla$20 HAN Ibiza $18

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is img_4665.jpg

New love, Te Balm Bronzilla is the perfect contour shade, without leaving any strikes , and Han bronzing powder in Ibiza, a glowing bronzer that warms the skin so beautifully without looking like a hot mess.

BLUSH THE BALM Third Date $20

Love at first swipe, The Balm Blush in Third Date is a glowing blush, a peach/mauve shade with gold satin glow finish. Applies so smooth and always gives just the right amount of flush.


These Axiology Balmies are probably making me the happiest person on Earth! since they are zero waste, they are lipsticks, they are eyeshadows, they are bronzers and they are highlighters ALL TOGETHER! You decide when and where to apply it by mood, color scheme or trends! Matte or Satin, choose the finish that makes you the most happy.

EYE PRIMERROOT PRETTY Pretty Paint Eyeshadow Primer $16

A new Root Pretty release, this Eye Primer is definitely a winner! With a zero waste approach, this primer works well, it does conceal a little bit the lid and leave it a little bit tacky and ready to set any eyeshadow you go for.

EYESHADOWTHE BALM & The Beautiful Episode 2 $36

The Balm definitely stepped up when they introduced Clean & Green Eyeshadow palettes, and this one is my new favorite, because it has mostly neutral shades, some matte and some shimmer, and they can give you enough drama too if you need that.

LIQUID EYELINERPURE PRETTY100% Line Liquid Eyeliner $18

Finally a nontoxic liquid eyeliner that comes in a glass tube and deliver amazing results. A deep black eyeliner with a styling power, until you decide to remove it! The applicator is easy to use and I never noticed any flaking or fallout.

MASCARAROOT PRETTY 100% Lash Natural & Organic Mascara $18

Yes! Mascara in a glass tube, that makes my lashes super long, gives me tons of volume, and lasts all day! The wand is not super long, and I feel that gives more precision too.

GLITTERMOONSHATTER $5-$12.5 save 15% with LAURAB

You probably notices that glitter and sparkles are all over social media, but if you want to be zero waste, choose a glitter that is biodegradable like Moonshatter. The have a variety of colors, and I like that in each jar, the glitter has different sizes, so when I want to decorate my face, I use an oil to glue them to my face and they stay put, just like jewels!

Spot any favorites or want to share yours? Please comment below.

Also, check out previous winners 2019 for more makeup suggestions!



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