2022 Non-Toxic & Zero Waste MAKEUP FAVORITES

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Let’s go 2023 and we’ll start with a round up of the best in makeup of 2022! All the products mentioned are complexly non-toxic with a hint of going plastic free towards achieving zero waste, and yes people! there are options out there now, so let’s do this:

FACE PRIMERLUNA NECTAR Neptune Hyaluronic Acid Blur Serum $32

So eventually skincare that acts like a primer is getting more and more serious every year, and I do like the idea of a product that has skincare benefits! This is the first ever ocean-blue 1% high-molecular weight hyaluronic acid serum infused with minimal anti-oxidant-rich ingredients, yet potent enough to let the hyaluronic acid do its work.  When applied, it instantly blurred the skin, perfect for those no makeup days when you don’t have to follow with a foundation, and just let your skin breathe while you run some errands, or any other day when you do follow with your favorite makeup products.

CONCEALER – RMS Un-Cover $36

An old favorite that doesn’t disappoint. Even though I’ve tried several different brands and similar products, it’s nothing that came close to this one. I use shade 11 and for me this shade is matching me perfectly as a concealer and even as a foundation at time, especially when traveling and want to go minimalistic. Don’t worry about this product containing coconut oil because NO! it doesn’t clog pores!

FOUNDATION – ROOT PRETTY Wonder Foundation $26 / 100%PURE 2nd Skin Foundation $47

Got a new discovery from Root Pretty and just newly launched Wonder Foundation, which is more like a tinted moisturizer in a stick form. You don’t need to moisturize before applying this one and it’s perfect for peoples who like in dry climates or super cold, or if you have super dry ski, because this one will give you super hydration and a glow!

I couldn’t skip my old favorite 100%Pure 2nd Skin Foundation, because I can never go wrong with this one. No matter how your apply it, it always leaves a smooth skin, strike free, it’s buildable and long-lasting!

POWDER Organic Aloe Setting Silk $16 / Super Matte Setting Silk $18

The only place on my face where I use a powder the most is just to set up my concealer under eyes, so these do just the right job. On the colder months when my skin gets more dry I use the Aloe Setting Silk (only 2 ingredients!Mica & Organic Aloe Vera Powder) and during summer the Supper Matte Setting Silk since it’s mica based and is more suitable for normal to oily skin.

I prefer to buy the compostable refills (pictured) since they are compostable and avoid the plastic container usually they are sold in.

BRONZERCocoa Pigmented Bronzer $40 / RMS Beauty Buriti Bronzer $28

I guess I went back on reverse and jumped to 2 old favorites of mine that are always fabulous. The 100%Pure Cocoa Pigmented Bronzer is the perfect buildable contour bronzer and I love it because I can use it through out the whole year, even when I build a tan in the summer, without the need to go for a darker shade! The RMS Buriti Bronzer has one of the most fine soft shimmers out of all the cream bronzers out there and it definitely stands out, but it has some close contenders!


You could tell I’ve got a little carried away, but Root Pretty Blushes are really beautiful, great buildable pigmentations, tons of variety in shades, and I prefer to buy them in the compostable bags for the zero waste purpose.


Here is a powder and a cream option in the same champagne warm shade that I find most suiting for my warn undertone. The Balm WOW Highlighter can be used as an eyeshadow too and is in a perfect cardboard package easy to carry around, and the RMS Magic Luminizer is a dinosaur in the nontoxic world, that still glows very natural and beautiful while hydrating the skin, without being to much!

EYE PRIMER– ROOT PRETTY Pretty Paint Eyeshadow Primer $16

Carrying on with the same product as last year, the eyelid primer it doesn’t seem to have other reputable contenders that I know of, so we stick with the best (:-)) With a zero waste approach, this primer works well, it does conceal a little bit the lid and leave it a little bit tacky and ready to set any eyeshadow you go for.


The Eyelight from RMS are definitely a big winner, especially if you have double eyelids or hooded eyes. The product itself dries really quickly but it can be applied successfully with your finger, stays on for hours without moving, flaking or over drying! I just got more shades, because is that awesome!


No matter which nontoxic brand eye pencil you will buy, so far wasn’t one that I’ve come across as bad, but when you want a different color range, you’ve got to check CheekBone Beauty Eye Pencils because they will rock your life. I personally use the PLUM shade a lot because is beautiful with my hazel eye and I plan t get more shade since this is a B Corp company that behind it’s doors does some good as well.

LIQUID EYELINER – PURE PRETTY100% Line Liquid Eyeliner $18

Finally a nontoxic liquid eyeliner that comes in a glass tube and deliver amazing results. A deep black eyeliner with a styling power, until you decide to remove it! The applicator is easy to use and I never noticed any flaking or fallout.

MASCARA – ROOT PRETTY 100% Lash Natural & Organic Mascara $18

Yes! Mascara in a glass tube, that makes my lashes super long, gives me tons of volume, and lasts all day! The wand is not super long, and I feel that gives more precision too.


These Axiology Balmies are probably making me the happiest person on Earth! since they are zero waste, they are lipsticks, they are eyeshadows, they are bronzers and they are highlighters ALL TOGETHER! You decide when and where to apply it by mood, color scheme or trends! Matte or Satin, choose the finish that makes you the most happy.

So that’s it! Please drop your favorites in the comments down below to check out your favorite products I should try next!

Ta-Ta, Laura


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