Game changer Non-Toxic & Zero Waste MAKEUP PRIMERS to buy in 2023

Makeup primers are NOT a “necessary” step into the modern makeup routine but, probably created by mass marketing brands that created a new product that creates a more even tone, smoother skin and less visible pores, is not in everyones makeup kit! Usually they are a silicone based product that create a layer on top of your skin, restricting anything from getting in and out of it. What this means is that all the dirt and sebum from day get trapped into your pores, leading to bacteria growth, inflammation and acne that nobody wants. Instead look for products made with natural and organic ingredients, avoid dimethicone and/or petrolatum and let your skin breathe and be nourished by natural ingredients.

Now there are not that many brands that create non-toxic and/or organic primers anymore, and if you are not using one, don’t panic.

Luckily you can always improve your skincare products that will give you more beautiful skin as a base so you won’t need a primer after all, but here are my nontoxic and zero waste discoveries in case you’d like to check and try:

100%PURE 100% PURE Luminous Face Primer Illuminating & 100% PURE Mattifying Face Primer $45

Unfortunately 100%Pure recently change their primers in plastic packaging that I don’t recommend, but I found that they still sell these primers in glass bottles on Amazon! They are really amazing primers that are a favorite of mine, so grab yours today, cause they might be gone tomorrow. The luminous face primer has gorgeous golden shimmers of mica in it that give a beautiful glow to the skin without being to much, and the mattifying one is a dupe for Smashbox photo finish primer, so you’ll understand is amazing but is made with nontoxic ingredients.

LUNA NECTAR Neptune Hyaluronic Acid Blur Serum $32

So eventually skincare that acts like a primer is getting more and more serious every year, and I do like the idea of a product that has skincare benefits! This is the first ever ocean-blue 1% high-molecular weight hyaluronic acid serum infused with minimal anti-oxidant-rich ingredients, yet potent enough to let the hyaluronic acid do its work.  When applied, it instantly blurred the skin, perfect for those no makeup days when you don’t have to follow with a foundation, and just let your skin breathe while you run some errands, or any other day when you do follow with your favorite makeup products.

DEW MIGHTY Bloom Jelly Serum Bar $15/$45

Pictured here is the sample size, but I will definitely get the full size next. This balm like product is everything that I want from a product to be: zero waste packaging and multitasking! This magic balm works well as an anti-aging moisturizer, reduces redness including rosacea, reduces sun spots and boosts collagen plus prepares the skin for the makeup step, YEAH! Even though is more made as a skincare product, this product leaves the skin so velvety and smooth, so it makes sense to use it as skincare and primer at the same time, without using an extra product. Just like eliminating the middle man in the business chain.

EYE PRIMER– ROOT PRETTY Pretty Paint Eyeshadow Primer $16

The only eye primer that I’ve discovered in a tin, this Eye Primer is definitely a winner! With a zero waste approach, this primer works well, it does conceal a little bit the lid and leave it a little bit tacky and ready to set any eyeshadow you go for.

Please let me know if you have discovered other products since they run so scarce!


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