How to RENT FASHION in 2023 like a PRO!

This year I’ve decided to rent fashion instead of buying, because I’ve noticed my closet started bursting after I successfully thrifted a lot of amazing fashion items from ThredUp in the past few years. Now you can definitely don’t have to spend if you have a best friend, cousin or any other place to swap, barrow or get items without spending the cash! I personally don’t have anybody as interested in fashion as me that also has a similar or close enough size, so that’s why renting sounds a really good idea.


Rent The Runway launched in 2009 and they started a renting revolution that soon changed the trillion-dollar fashion industry and changed the way women can rent to wear a dream designer closet without breaking the budget, wear and return or keep! Probably why my attraction for this too, to be able to wear current trendy clothes right now without overspending guilt!

✔️ Birthday dress

✔️ Wedding dress

✔️ New place to work / workwear attire

✔️ Destination vacation dress or even snowsuit

✔️ Purses & jewelry to match your outfits

….and much more

Join Rent The Runway at 40% off first month of membership


Rocksbox is a jewelry rental membership that makes it easy to discover new looks, rock the latest trends or add more of your favorite classic styles to your jewelry collection, without the commitment to purchase.

As a member, you’ll receive three pieces of hand-selected jewelry that are yours to wear and can be refreshed as often as you like. If you fall in love with a piece from your set, buy it with your monthly credit! When you’re ready for new jewelry, return the entire set and we’ll send you more. There’s no limit on the number of sets you can receive every month and your monthly membership credit can be put towards the purchase of any piece from your set. There are no strings attached – you can cancel anytime!

✔️ Jewelry for any event!

✔️ gifting jewelry rental for a special person in your life


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