At the end of 2021, Nisolo announced to release a Sustainable Fact Label, that clearly states HOW PRODUCTS ARE MADE, if fair wages are paid, if health and safety of the workers are covered, plus HOW IT BENEFITS THE PLANET, from using recycled materials, made sustainably and reduce our carbon footprint.

From B Corp to Leather Working Group, to Climate Neutral, Fair Trade USA, Higg Index, FLA, SA8000, Textile Exchange, Good On You, Re/Make to you name it, it took it all in to ensure the label accounted for what experts commonly deem most critical to sustainability.

This label is finally showing us, the shopping, the truth about how a garment is made, rather then us guess about it, or even GREENWASH our minds!

The process and labels will show how imperfect and hard to achieve these STANDARDS are, but this is just the start, and I’m positive that more brands will follow to prove, that better garments can be made, and ultimately they will achieve their best products and practices.

With 10 categories scored across People and Planet backed by 200 different public-facing data points, the Sustainability Facts Label is the most comprehensive yet digestible evaluation tool the fashion industry has seen to date.

92 data points make up People,inclusive of those commonly assessed by experts as well as entire categories such as Gender Equality and Healthcare & Benefits, which many assessments don’t evaluate but we deem critical and urgent.

Learn more about the methodology HERE.

108 data points make up planet, inclusive of those commonly assessed by experts as well as criteria such as durability within raw materials, integrity and post use product lifecycle, which many assessments do not evaluate bu we deem critical and urgent.

Learn more about methodology HERE.

From now forward, a product-specific #SustainabilityFactsLabel and QR code that links directly to the 200 data points evaluated across People and Planet will be found on all Nisolo shoes and accessories.

NISOLO Huarache sandal 100% Living Wages, 0% Net Carbon


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