I’ve been intrigued by the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade so I went and buyed it recently,only because it stated was WATERPROOF.

“This fast-drying waterproof pomade resists smudging and sliding.”

Retail: 18$

So I was thinking to myself:IS IT REALLY? Let’s do THE POOL TEST

Application:on clear skin,no moisturizer,with a brow brush

Pool test:1hour

My shade:Ash Brown


I apply my DIPBROW and I went to the pool after about 30 minutes,so for sure my brows were dry.I went into the pool and I swam,I wet my face,my hair,I did everything you do at a pool,without even thinking about my eyebrows.

After I left the pool I checked my brows.The pomade didn’t smudge,as stated,but,as I was rubbing my face with my hands to clean the water off,it also rubbed off the product,and made it disappear,especially my wings.


I apply the pomade the same as Day 1,went to the pool,but this time,I tried not to rub at all my brows.

The result made me happy.I still had eyebrows on!

OVERALL:Yes is waterproof,Yes it doesn’t smudge,but careful now,because you can rub it off in the pool! A very good product,effective,and a keeper!

I hope this post was entertaining.Have you tried this product at the pool yet?

Kisses Laura

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  1. wow thanx for sharing
    Posts online about Jesolo, Tahiti, Miami…

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  2. I love my dipbrow pomade! A must have in South Florida where the humidity can wipe your makeup off in no time.

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    1. Laura Bruj says:

      It’s a must have during hot sweaty days,i agree

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