The most Sustainable, Ethical & Carbon Neutral brand -NISOLO- is worth all your money!

Fashion is one of the biggest pollutants this days, so looking at better brands that are reversing all the damage, is a must!

NISOLO is an amazing brand because is a:

TRANSPARENT brand, measuring, tracking, and publicly sharing Sustainability Facts, in a digestible, consumer-facing label.

B CORP CERTIFIED– certified since 2017, Nisolo overall score is 89

LEATHER WORKING GROUP – When used irresponsibly, leather can be harmful to the environment. After a decade trying to understand leather on a more holistic level and evaluating alternatives, Nisolo came to embrace leather as one of the more sustainable options available for high-quality, durable footwear and accessories when made and processed responsibly. Nisolo consider the leather they work with an economic by-product of the meat industry, as they divert hides from immediately ending up in landfills by responsibly manufacturing them into shoes and accessories. 

CLIMATE NEUTRAL – Rather than fashion continuing as a top 5 polluting industry creating up to 10% of the world’s carbon footprint, Nisolo believes it can reverse its impact on climate change and inspire other industries to do the same. In contrast to the industry’s current “take, make, and dispose” model, Nisolo believe in pursuing a “circular” approach to fashion that takes environmental impact into account at every stage—from initial design to the sourcing of raw materials to manufacturing to logistics through to post-use product lifecycle, and everywhere in between. 

Pursuing 0% Net Carbon through the reduction and offsetting of carbon emissions, Nisolo embrace a holistic approach to environmental impact by focusing on the following 5 areas: Carbon Footprint, Raw Materials Integrity & Durability, Processing & Manufacturing, Packaging & Distribution, and Circularity & Post Use Product Lifecycle.

100% LIVING WAGES – Pursuing 100% living wages that cover the basic needs of People within supply chains. Creating an environment where people can thrive within supply chains goes beyond this data point. This is why their framework focuses on six primary areas within People, which all of our 1st tier factories have committed to and signed off on within our Supplier Code of Conduct: Payment & Wages, Health & Safety, Governance & Workers’ Rights, Gender Equality & Empowerment, Healthcare & Benefits, and Racial Justice.

ACCOUNTABLE – Validating practices through public-facing self assessment, 3rd party verification & certifications.

SHOE RECLAMATION PROGRAM – 95% of the clothing and shoes we wear can be recycled or reused, yet 85% ends up in landfills.

‘Soles4Souls’ programs are distinct from typical distribution schemes that wind up polluting the global south, and 0% of donated products go straight to landfills or incinerators. S4S is “helping hard-working entrepreneurs build their own businesses selling donated new and used shoes and clothing to step out of poverty.” Moreover, through S4S, small business owners earn a sustainable living wage and are able to purchase necessities like food, shelter, and education for their families. S4S develops sustainable partnerships and programs in which shoes and clothing are a vehicle for equitable, educational, and economic opportunities. And in turn, they empower people to break the cycle of poverty. S4S works alongside partners to unlock economic opportunities for people to maximize their potential and provide access and representation for all people, especially more vulnerable communities such as women, youth, and people of color.”Learn more about the impact of their program here.

By participating in this program, you will also receive $40 credit to Nisolo.


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