Natural & Organic, Sustainable, Ethical & Zero-Waste HOLIDAY SHOPPING GUIDE

I can’t believe this year is almost over and the shopping rush is on! Even though this year the celebrations might change due to the CoronaVirus pandemic, I’m sure the shopping frenzy is still on, so I decided to share some gifts that I would personally shop for the people in my life and still make the Holidays feel special. HER 100%PURE Matte Lipstick Duo … Continue reading Natural & Organic, Sustainable, Ethical & Zero-Waste HOLIDAY SHOPPING GUIDE

Do I still shop at Macy’s?

Sometimes I remember how different were my shopping habits comparing in my 20’s comparing with my 30’s. I was definitely looking for a bargain, and I was shopping till I dropped, like a shopping marathon. Even though I wasn’t spending a fortune, I was still getting the guilt of spending the money in the end, not enjoying fully the items I purchased. And that feeling … Continue reading Do I still shop at Macy’s?

Plastic Free & Eco-Friendly Haul

Living consciously is always on my mind, and I’m constantly thinking how I can live as a better person, educated and with good manners, and that’s comes into mind, how I can live healthier and happier on this planet. So here is definitely a zero waste / plastic free oriented video, with some things that I apply in my daily lifestyle,a  video that might give … Continue reading Plastic Free & Eco-Friendly Haul

8 things I love about FALL

Fall is finally here, and the weather was unusually warm this year. Fall is my favorite season, and I decided to share few things that are truly my favorite about it: 1. COOL MORNINGS are so beautiful, especially foggy, and I love to sip my coffee outside and hear the birds chirping and feel the cool air on my face. 2. Sipping on HOT DRINKS … Continue reading 8 things I love about FALL

Late SPRING vibes

You know that exciting feeling, when birds start singing early in the morning, while you sing your cup of coffee? Well,it took a really long while this year, but finally, Spring has sprung and the weather slowly warmed up, so flowers started blooming everywhere. I could finally see, my favorite pink magnolia close to my house bloom, and I went to snatch some pictures with it, … Continue reading Late SPRING vibes

I Tried Following a KatleenLights Makeup Tutorial

Well,I’ve been watching many YouTubers over the years, how they applied their makeup, but I never really tried one from start to the end,I just learned few trips and tricks, so here I am, finally, trying a Full Makeup Tutorial by a very big YouTuber,KathleenLights. So here it is, me doing a step by step tutorial, but using only natural and organic products, so it … Continue reading I Tried Following a KatleenLights Makeup Tutorial


I recently added this cool new tool into my skin care routine,a facial massage roller. RECIPROCITEE ROSE QUARTZ FACE ROLLER (save 15% with Lbruj15) Usually these are very popular in color green, made out of semi precious stone of jade, and they are very popular in China,and has been use for centuries, to help restore Chi and also promote youth and wellness. My face roller is … Continue reading HOW I USE MY ROSE QUARTZ FACE ROLLER

Romantic lengths

I finally achieved a “Romantic length”,in fashion! I bought my first casual long dress, and I thought really hard and long, if I wanted one.The age factor weighted in in my thoughts: “How do I dress more age appropriate?” Yes,I have that problem. Dressing up or down is not the real problem, but dressing as a woman,as a mom,as a creative mind,as a person who … Continue reading Romantic lengths

Hello October🍁

October is the month of falling leafs,pumpkin spiced lattes and cinnamon everyhting.I love especially the cool nights and early foggy mornings.It’s definitely one of my favorite seasons. Except the rainy days.But that just makes me get cozy by the tv,watching more Netflix. So far,we’ve had unexpected warm days, and not much rain, or I should just say, none. That made me buy my first pair … Continue reading Hello October🍁

Last days of Summer

Last days of Summer are pretty amazing here in Chicago area.We have sunny weather, which for a September,I remember is kinda rare, 75° to 85° degrees, and it feels amazing. Even though I lay mostly at our buildings pool, now that is closed,I went to the Michigan lake beach(Wilmette), and sun bathe, maybe for the last time this year. Oh yeah,i’ve decided to wear his … Continue reading Last days of Summer