Plastic Free & Eco-Friendly Haul


Living consciously is always on my mind, and I’m constantly thinking how I can live as a better person, educated and with good manners, and that’s comes into mind, how I can live healthier and happier on this planet.

So here is definitely a zero waste / plastic free oriented video, with some things that I apply in my daily lifestyle,a  video that might give you some wonderful ideas to put in practice and get you inspired.

Press PLAY ↓↓↓


-Glass Mug Stainless Steel Tea Infuser Se::

-Stainless Steel Strainer:

-Insulated Coffee Cup:


-Stainless lunch box:

-Artmeer bamboo toothbrush set:

-Humble brush co:

-Bergamot Cove beeswax wrap:

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Let me know if you have any suggestions in improving a better green lifestyle that already work for you,especially that I can apply as a city girl, living in a building.

Don’t forget, we are what we are ,so improving our lifestyle and our kids lifestyle living on this planet should be a priority, and keeping in mind that creating a beautiful ecosystem for future generations is a must!





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  1. Thanks for a great post that encourages people to make more eco-friendly choices!

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    1. Laura Bruj says:

      Thank you,that’s my goal 🙌

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