ROOT PRETTY 2019 Model Search

So is that time of the year again, and I’ve decided to try my luck again to enter Root Pretty 2019 Model Search!!!

Root Pretty products are cruelty free, vegan, safely Made in USA of certified organic and all natural ingredients, and all packaging produced in USA.

About 3 years ago I’ve started a new journey, when I’ve discovered the Green Beauty Community and that has been influenced my lifestyle since,making me be more conscious about everything I do,put on my skin and inside. I never stopped improving it,and I hope to inspire a whole lot of bunch of people,that we have a choice,in living happy-healthy lifestyles💚 Would be a dream come true to be a RootPretty Spokemodel 💁



HERE IS MY ENTRY FOR ROUND 2 >>>>>PLEASE VOTE<<<<<< so I can move to round 3


This is such an amazing opportunity to share my creative skills in makeup, and actually do what I love.

🍀🍀🍀 Laura


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