Adopt GREEN November!

HELLO NOVEMBER and all anxious shoppers that are excited to finally be part of the biggest sale of the year that happens at the end of November and is celebrated as Black Friday!

Usually on Black Friday people are fearing of not missing out on the best deals of the year and they usually are overbuying items that are easily ending up in our landfills, that are keep on growing each year and so is the toxic waste that create a time bomb for us, ending up destroying flora and fauna surrounding, farming, water and more.

Because Black Friday is actually damaging the economy and the environment, more and more sustainable and conscious brands are adopting GREEN NOVEMBER, where thru the month of November they lower their prices so you can do all your Christmas shopping in time and they also do some good in return, like PLANT A TREE, SAVE PLASTIC TO ENTER THE OCEANS or REMOVE CO2 FROM THE AIR!!!

Probably you’ve all felt last year, that more brands are starting to do more sales early thru out November month and I didn’t felt as frustrated as before while thinking, planning and shopping only things I had in mind to shop.

Help us do some good and keep our planet as clean and green as possible since is our home.


Last Object – “For every product sold in November we will stop 2lbs/1kg of plastic from entering the ocean”

Last Object eliminate single use items by creating reusable sustainable alternatives. All their products are designed in Denmark and their launched on Kickstarter, where it seem to have hit a nerve among many consumers as more than 30,000 backers said goodbye to the single-use cotton swabs and bought the LastSwab during their initial crowdfunding on Kickstarter and Indiegogo. In fact, many pre-pledged their purchase even before the launch date of the campaign. This initial success shows the potential of transforming traditional single-use products into reusable ones, and the LastSwab is just the tip of the spear for opening people’s ears to this radical change of how we view products. Their goal is to have their products available all over the world in mainstream retail outlets such as Walmart and Tesco in order to secure significant impact.


AGood – “SO, we are offering 15% off ALL month on all products, there’s no need to rush your purchase. We are also working with Climeworks, so for every $1 you spend, we contribute to Climeworks who remove 1 kg of CO2 from the air. ” With every order, they also a plant a tree!

Regardless of what it costs, AGood will always pick production materials that have the least environmental impact.They only work with suppliers that they know inside out, to ensure they share the same values and get an intimate understanding of their production techniques.They never ever use harmful industrial chemicals in their production, such as acidic bleach or Bisphenol A plastics.They also meticulously identify the potential environmental impact of all their operations and make sure to always compensate for emissions resulting from shipping & travel.

I hope next year more brands will be ready to adopt Green November so we can all say good bye to Black Friday and all the damages it did in the past.

Happy November to all 🍁🍂

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