8 things I love about FALL

Fall is finally here, and the weather was unusually warm this year.

Fall is my favorite season, and I decided to share few things that are truly my favorite about it:

1. COOL MORNINGS are so beautiful, especially foggy, and I love to sip my coffee outside and hear the birds chirping and feel the cool air on my face.

2. Sipping on HOT DRINKS like lattes, teas and other mixes (golden milk anyone?) and even soups. There’s something about it. I currently even add an unflavored COLLAGEN supplement in my coffee,so it’s a coffee with benefits.

3. I’m enjoying OUTDOOR WALKS more now than ever,staying outdoors more, and also keep those windows open, to let the fresh air come in, instead of using the air conditioner.

4. CANDLES and the beautiful romantic light around it.Let’s add wine and we’re all set.

I recently became a BergamotCove ambassador (Laurabruj18 will save you 20% when you shop),and they sent me their FALL BLISS scent box, and it also has one of their candles, and it definitely smells perfect for the season.

5. LAYERING CLOTHES for me it means I can play dress up, and use a hat and a jacket as an accessory.


full outfit: ThredUp

6. I’m SLEEPING BETTER,since the days got shorter, and we get more rainy days.

I noticed that I need between 8 and 9 hours of sleep, to be able to wake up refreshed and full of energy, and I even dream more.I also take an adaptogen supplement called ASHWAGANDHA,to help me relax and feel better during rainy days.

7. I EXERCISE OUTSIDE more than inside, and you can definitely get creative, using a hill, a bench,or a kids park. The only stop is your imagination.

8. And I definitely need to add NETFLIX since is my way to calm down before I go to bed.I usually set to watch about 1h and half in the evening, but there are evenings when I go to sleep early, so I just skip it. Currently watching: Morocco,Love in times of War.



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  1. Yessss to layering clothes & the outdoor walks! I love the colors also and the vibe it’s so cozzy !xxx

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