I was so pleased to discover this year a tea business lineage of 85 years VAHDAM TEA a family business from India, that has eliminated middlemen chain to empower the industry and the farmers that are growing the finest teas and spices in the world (25%-30% of world production). Besides that, they give 1% to help educate farmers kids thru Teach Me social initiative.They are also a … Continue reading 🌟🌟🌟25 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS GIVEAWAYS – DAY 17🌟🌟🌟

Supplements for Modern Lifestyle

Modern lifestyle doesn’t always allow us to ingest foods in season, ripe,full of potent nutrients, so we often reach for new foods, called supplements, to help us sustain a modern lifestyle,always on the go, full of stress. So here are some supplements that might help: COLLAGEN PEPTIDE Collagen provides the infrastructure of the musculoskeletal system, essential for mobility. The intake of collagen ensures the cohesion, … Continue reading Supplements for Modern Lifestyle

8 things I love about FALL

Fall is finally here, and the weather was unusually warm this year. Fall is my favorite season, and I decided to share few things that are truly my favorite about it: 1. COOL MORNINGS are so beautiful, especially foggy, and I love to sip my coffee outside and hear the birds chirping and feel the cool air on my face. 2. Sipping on HOT DRINKS … Continue reading 8 things I love about FALL

First day of Summer

Summer you can always find me lounging by the pool, sunbathing for extra vitamin D and burning some extra calories swimming in the pool. CONSCIOUS SWIMSUIT top bottom It’s a happy season. New couples have weddings, capturing a moment of happiness, but just imagine all the work involved, from choosing a venue, food, picking up a band or book a musician, and guests gifts. And … Continue reading First day of Summer

How I build a snack/lunch

You probably know already the importance of the healthy habit of eating little and often, but also the importance of snacking/eating on the right foods. Snacking can help boost the metabolism and help keep a healthy balance of blood sugar, give brain the great dose of nutrients it needs (so no headaches here), keep your energy high,so you can skip the second coffee if you’d … Continue reading How I build a snack/lunch

Fun ways to use TURMERIC

You’ve probably seen this root at your International Market,but never really cared for it, but now it comes also in powder forms, and also pills and beauty items, that can make turmeric more pleasing to incorporate and use in the daily life. This powerful root it has deep roots in India,where you probably know the color yellow in curries  is turmeric used as spice, but … Continue reading Fun ways to use TURMERIC


I love eating clean and organic so I usually make a high protein vegan smoothie when I want to refuel and feed up my muscles.Because I believe we eat to much meat,I try to incorporate vegan protein foods in my lifestyle as much as possible, and here is an example how I do so.Sometimes I add different fruit, and definitely I recommend what’s in season. … Continue reading Paleo HIGH PROTEIN Vegan MATCHA SMOOTHIE Recipe


…and that’s 24% body fat. 2 years ago I re-joined a gym after about a 6 year off “maternity leave” period, but I never really stopped exercising. I remember doing P90X at home,swimming,walking miles and more.I always been an active person, and I can’t live without exercising.It’s what keeps me sane, and going. 24% fat is exactly where I’ve been 2 years ago, and no, … Continue reading 24%

Supercharged Energy Balls

So I’ve been using this year a lot of these easy, one bite energy balls, since my mornings are hectic and I don’t have much time to eat, before I hit he gym in the morning. After reading many recipes,I challenged myself to make it as simple as possible, paleo friendly, gluten free, vegan,high in protein. I always kinda eye the ingredients, sometimes add more … Continue reading Supercharged Energy Balls

SPIRULINA Smoothie Bowl

Now here’s a smoothie bowl, not only mermaids are worthy of, made with spirulina,a blue-green algae superfood,well known for: potent source of ingredients, anticancer, increase energy ,complete protein source, bioavailable iron,imune booster, antiviral,heavy metal detoxification (especially for those who love to eat lots of seafood like me),lowers triglycerides and LDL,anti-inflammatory,antioxidant,eye health,anti-allergy,antifungal,antitoxic,lowers blood pressure, and that’s only the top 16 benefits, of this powerful algae. I love … Continue reading SPIRULINA Smoothie Bowl