SPIRULINA Smoothie Bowl

Now here’s a smoothie bowl, not only mermaids are worthy of, made with spirulina,a blue-green algae superfood,well known for: potent source of ingredients, anticancer, increase energy ,complete protein source, bioavailable iron,imune booster, antiviral,heavy metal detoxification¬†(especially for those who love to eat lots of seafood like me),lowers triglycerides and LDL,anti-inflammatory,antioxidant,eye health,anti-allergy,antifungal,antitoxic,lowers blood pressure, and that’s only the top 16 benefits, of this powerful algae.

I love to add it to smoothies,not just for the cool blue-green color, and here’s a very easy and quick smoothie bowl recipe.



3 frozen bananas

2 Tbs yogurt (any kind you like)

1 tbs spirulina

Servings: 2

Blend and enjoy with your favorite toppings


(made mine with dragonfruit, coconut and gojiberries)

Bowl by Dowan

Mermaid life,Laura

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