The new trending flats

I must admit, I love high heels, but evertime I leave an event, I switch for flat shoes, since  I need to give my feet some love, and comfort.

So here are the new super trendy flats calledBUTTERFLY TWISTthat I always have now in my purse, in case my feet need a break.

Handbag friendly, the BUTTERFLY TWISTS are designate fit into our busy lifestyles, so they are compact and easy to carry on.


Butterfly Twists: HOLLY

BUTTERFLY TWISTS are made of different materials and textiles and various styles to choose from. Some are great for work,so are very trendy and stylish.

Through research and development, working closely with craftsmen and factories to perfect the best processes, they carefully selected innovative materials and employed unique methods that would make a difference. Through these materials, processes and carefully selected compounds, technologies were created to deliver the promise of style and comfort.

Screen Shot 2018-10-05 at 7.19.27 AM

BUTTERFLY TWISTS created a unique rubber compound for lightweight, slip-resistant outsole, that allowS flexibility and folding. They also added a cushioning memory foam insole for extra support and comfort, inside a low-rise ballerina silhouette. Inserted heel cushioning and a soft, breathable lining treated with anti-microbial properties.

Here are some more personal favorites:

Comfort but yet stylish, BUTTERFLY TWISTS are made for travelers, busy working women, moms on the go, stylish women like you! They also come with a cute duster bag, so you won’t have to worry where to put them.



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