Petit Vour Unboxing | SEPTEMBER 2016

My favorite Petit Vour (cruelty free,vegan,conscious,ethical,and $15!!!) subscription box is here and September theme box is What A Gem,and I must say,Petit Vour for me always is,because is always filled with samples of really great,high priced products,that I wouldn’t be able to sample or just jump and purchase on a whim.
Click play to watch my unboxing and first impressions in the video below:

Products mentioned:

1.MEOW MEOW TWEET Baking Soda Free Deodorant Cream $14

2.ODACITÉ Serum Concentrate $3 (full size $32-$42)

3.OSEA Ocean Cleanser $16 (full size $44)

4.ADORN Mineral & Organic Hydrating Cream Foundation $4 (full size $50)



Stay green beautiful,Laura



  1. I’ve tried about 6 different natural deodorants and I think this one might be my holy grail! I’m sensitive to baking soda, but I suck it up because it’s the only thing that works for me in terms of odor. But this one actually works on me really well! I haven’t had to reapply throughout the day, and I always have to reapply at least once. The Osea cleanser and the acne treatment came in the perfect time … right before traveling for the holidays. I hate having to transfer my cleansers in my travel bag. And yay glass! The foundation is too light for me, but I think it would make a great concealer, so I’m satisfied with it. Overall I think it’s a great box!


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