Changing the world one bag at a time

April 22 we celebrated Earth Day, the world largest environmental movement, to work together in solving climate change, plastic pollution,protect endangered species, and to educate people what’s going on around them, and how they can help.

One of my personal struggles, is to stay away from plastic, to recycle whatever comes my way, but basically,just try not to use and demand more plastic production, and educate my family and friends as much as possible.

I probably mentioned in the past, but refusing a plastic bag at the store, and bringing your own reusable bag, is the first step you can take, and is a very meaningful one.

With that in mind,I’m gonna introduce you today to Cactus Bag, a very small and powerful bag, that can hold up to 10 gallons, and load up to 200 lbs.


Cactus bag,is made from polyester currently, but right now they update their yarns to recycled polyester, and the bag itself, after it’s long use,can be recycled. The fibers itself are custom made,with a minimal impact on our environment,and within the last 10 years, studies concluded that polyester shopping bags are the best in positive long term environmental impact on our Planet.


If that didn’t impressed you,all Cactus Bags are made with LOVE by people with disabilities. “We believe that everyone should have a chance  to live a meaningful life. Through our products we are able not only to provide work opportunities for people with severe disabilities but also, fair wages, education and community.”

Very flexible and eco-friendly, Cactus Bag comes in 3 sizes:

CLASSIC Bag (8 colors)



WINE Bag (black & white)


CHAMPAGNE Bag (black &white)


Cactu Bags are also very afforable,and I noticed they also have some sales from time to time,so make sure you follow them on Instagram,and subscribe to their newsletter.

I can’t wait for the Farmers Market to open,so I can take my little bag there,and also at the beach,so I won’t have to worry about sand,with my new chic reusable Cactus Bag.

don’t forget,any chance in our lifestyle,has a huge influence on others,and ultimately on Earth.





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