Shopping BALMAIN X H&M Online true story

DID THE WHOLE WORLD JUST WENT CRAZY,OR JUST ME? because I do feel alone when i’m shopping and obsessing over colabs of big brands with stores as H&M or Target,and my friends don’t think have the same interests.

So that’s where my blog connects me with people frugal like me,obsessive,impulsive,loving for true fashion and style+!

And yes,I’ve been obsessing and planning,how to shop for Balmain X H&M,but also share it with people who are having the same issues as me.

I set up my clock 10 minutes earlier than the web launch started,made miself a coffee,then Refresh,Refresh,patiently,thru website pages,to have website open it’s doors,for my shopping area.(because that was my understanding,from shopping @WangXH&M).30minutes later I had full access,and dissapointment.First access I had it from my phone,web page not the app,and made my first purchase,with none of the clothing items I was hopping for.Than i jumped on the computer and Refresh,Refresh,to my layout pages of each item,of 5 days in advance,until i see them available,and bang,Purchase! I didn’t buy everything I was planning for,but proably I would have ended broke anyway,and one item i really desired,and i didn’t get,was the hat,wich I only seen it for sale at the men section,but never available to purchase(SOLD OUT).That even make me wonder:was it even EVER for sale online?(paranoia)Bummer!


I woke up early….I couldn’t sleep….5:30am or so….made me some coffee…..and…..Refresh,Refresh,Refresh thru my pages layed out about 6 days ago,with stuff I didn’t get.They had some stuff back on,but not what I wanted.

So a day before,they launched the collection for sale at 7am,so I was thinking to wait and see what happens then.

Nothing! and I had two coffees,and sipped patiently,in vain. I’m done here!Going to do something else…


I’ve got an e-mail from H&M letting me know,one of my items I’ve bought, was out of stock,so removed from my purchased items.

So now, let the items speak.Watch the video below:

Please comment below,Laura

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